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Posted on August 15th 2019 by Joe Sherrington

Make Your Warm Ups Competitive!

We've been working closely with London Scottish FC throughout their pre-season and have some great new videos, ideas and interviews to show you. Something we think all teams can benefit from is how they add a competitive element to their warm ups, before they introduce a rugby ball.

Here's the complete warm up that will give your player's that competitive edge! Run it as a circuit for your players and feel free to add new fun exercises each week to engage your players.

Video: Full Competitive Warm Up

We asked the players, skills coach and head coach why they do this (scroll down for video) and here are some of the great reasons:

  • It gets the players in the right mindset before the session starts.
  • It improves transitions from training to matches where you need to be switched on from the whistle. This is especially useful for teams suffering with slow starts.
  • The competitive element makes your warm ups fun and engaging. This will prevent any players from simply going through the motions.
  • This extra fight and competition will mentally challenge and train your team to deal with pressure, improving player performance.
Video: The Importance of Making Warm Ups Competitive!

Please note that we still encourage teams to perform a full dynamic warm up before beginning the competitive elememt, in order to avoid injury. Here's a full dynamic warm up you can follow!

Video: Full Dynamic Warm Ups

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