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Posted on January 23rd 2020 by Richard Hicks

Improve Your Player's Ability To Problem Solve

Every coach can tell you that central to any good player is the ability to problem solve quickly during a match. Using games and creating chaos is a great way to do this! This week we feature a brilliantly simple game, devised by Russell Earnshaw to get players thinking and finding solutions.

Use This Great Game To Get Your Players Thinking

Video: Using Games To Problem Solve

This game will deliver the following:

Problem Solving: Players have to work together to find the best solution to the challenge in front of them.

Movement & Agility: Great for a warm up, this game requires players to use their agility & movement skills and it can improve fitness.

Communication: Success is based upon good communications skills, so it's an excellent way of introducing new players and getting the quieter ones to take part.

The Ability To Problem Solve Stems From Making Good Decisions

The easiest way to coach decision making is to expose your players to unfamiliar situations. Mixing up the stimulus in games and drills will allow your players to learn the appropriate responses quickly and improve intuitive decision making.

Video: Decision Making - Ruck Touch

Some other great ways to improve decision making:

  • Motivate your players to start questioning one another as well as providing feedback. Take time to look at and evaluate their decisions!
  • Start warm ups by playing different sports! Bring a football along to your next session. Not only does this keep things fun for your players but it has also been found to improve core sport skills and decision making awareness.

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