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Posted on July 29th 2019 by Richard Hicks

World Cup Fitness

We are seeing many video clips via social media of the International Teams preparing themselves for the up and coming World Cup. Underpinning all technical and tactical work, (which we probably won’t see) is the ability to push our players to their limits, to be the fittest on the pitch and to be able to execute Game-Plans and Strategies without fatigue throughout the match.

You really don't need fancy equipment to start striving for World Cup levels of fitness. Here's how we suggest you start!

Given that you only see your team 2x per week it's important to empower your players to take charge of their own fitness, give them examples of what to do and let them take pride in it!

Video: Fitness Body Circuits

It's also important that during training you keep as much technical relevance as possible in your conditioning. Making it fun is also a bonus! In this next video we can see some conditioning exercises that also progress into a technical practice.

Video: Collision Slaps and Taps

Without player buy-in however you will have very little success in improving fitness. Players have to do a lot of work themselves, being self-motivated is what will drive your players. World Cup Squad members have a huge incentive to strive for, your role as a grassroots coach is to create this same level of motivation for the coming season.

Video: Responsibility to Prepare

Mental fitness is essential and is an aspect that many coaches accept without really providing any guidence on how to improve it!

Video: Mental Toughness

It's important to incorporate all of these aspects into your teams fitness and conditioning plan. In short:

  • Give them the power and knowledge to take charge of their own fitness.
  • Ensure you include fitness into technial areas of your sessions.
  • Give your players incentives to improve fitness.
  • Discuss mental fitness with your players.