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Player Welfare and Tackle Technique

Head injuries are a serious consequence to rugby and an area that deserves the attention of all players and coaches. Be proactive by coaching and re-coaching tackle technique to reinforce good habits.

Video Transcription

Apply welfare is massively important, you know the players if anything it getting bigger stronger faster, you know, the hits are flying in the scrums that the amount of pressure that they build Instagrams and in malls is huge, you know, and if you want to go for a play with 40 weeks week after week you need to make sure you look after these guys, you know, so anything that's done, you know to help increase player welfare look after the player, you know, I'm a hundred percent for our I think it's it is a fantastic way to go and the players do need to be looked after Ghazi in Vegas. I think this is to get high getting bigger. But I think of you every one is more aware about about safety and about what can happen not just now but long term as well. So there are repercussions taking too many knock to the head with good technique. You can minimize it. You can't exclude it from the game altogether, but there's that and education from The governing bodies to make sure everyone's aware and other dangers and recognize the dangers when they see them if you are knocked out, you're not the best person to make a judgment as to whether you can go back on the field or you can stay on the field. So it's good to have those things in place. If you can start with a good technique first, it's a good base to start with tech point of view coaching is massively important and I think especially in the lower leagues where you can get a disparity Basu between some of the sizes of certain kids even up to under-18 level, you know, you'll have a few big monsters floating around in certain leagues and and kids don't know any different, you know, they'll put their head in a and they'll just they'll try and make an impact. So to make sure correct techniques of torture on the tackle around how you enter a breakdown and what you do on the floor and in terms of presenting a ball and cleaning a rack I think a huge, you know, the more detail that can get put into that. I think that the safe for the game will be at those grocery levels if people have a real good understanding of how to How to write tackles how to get the best out of tackles and then from a collision point of view using shoulders, you know, not using heads things like that. I think it's unbelievably important for me. I would I would like to see it started, you know prior to in all the contact begins. So what's going to happen here is Bert is going to tackle he's going to do what's called cheek to cheek. So in there so your cheek when you end up with a tackle your face cheek on your bum cheek. So you're going to tackle here head head that side shoulder in tackle over wrap your arms. Okay. We're just going to do one side first. Okay, Bertie ready go. Okay, right. So where's Bert is cheek. Right on his bum Shake. That's exactly that's really good technique back. We get Bertie up and get when I'm going to go to the other side Bertie tuck the other side ready go nice up you get so this exercise is making the guy bounce to his feet and work on both shoulders. It's a warm-up. It's also a skill for the guys offloading off the floor. Okay. Hold it there Alex and you go on our Alex Johnny you're going to tackle you're going to tackle for tackles. So a couple of points couple of technical points as the Defenders come forward. Let's get fast feet shoulders in tight. Make a good tackle. Okay, so points again feet shoulders. Okay finish a tackle ready go. Paradise good last one Go. Nice tackle. Okay guys, excellent. Okay.