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Paul Hull: Coaching Philosophy

Paul Hull describes the key elements of his coaching philosophy: - Find different ways of getting the best out of individuals - Find the best way of getting the message across - Keep things fun

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I think the coaching philosophy I could probably live in a nutshell exposes is just fun and different ways of trying to get the best out of individuals. I don't sort of have one sort of standard message for everyone. It's knowing how to motivate an individual get that message across sometimes it might be an arm around the shoulder. Sometimes it might be challenging them. Sometimes it might be getting a message across through video through a practical stuff or through paperwork and it's just trying to you know, trying to get that message across and different ways to sort of get to the masses of such really I try and have fun with all my coaching but also have a serious discipline side as well to get that message across so there's loads of things are try and do but a lot of it is fun.