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5v5 Semi-contact (2)

The sides are now even and the players can tackle, but not attempt to steal the ball. Again, the defence must retreat 5m, giving the attackers opportunities.

Video Subtitles

touch that try their free pass to blacks from the center of Hugo, please. That's a good bit of play in your tries scored orange your past but I'm always hey so bad luck. I think that touch your hand there. So it's a scrum down here not forward and its black team scrum ready? All way down ready so Crouch touch pause and engage. Okay. Whoa. Okay. Good. Good taco taco. Oh and touch their okay. Well done. Good defense there line out here orange ball. Guys, here's your front of your liner here. So nice straight line. Just give them give me a bit of space. Give a bit of space. That's it there. Okay, nice and relaxed. Okay when you're ready. That's it. Oh stop forward pass are scrum down here. Orange Ball. Please is your mark. and Crouch touch pause engage chocolate chocolate chocolate Oh, that's a good little bit of adjusting to touch. Okay.