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Tackling games for juniors

Tackling and contact are key components in the development of young players, this clip shows how coaches can introduce tackling using a game that reduces the risk of injury and focuses on the technical skills

Video Transcription

So the rules of the game we're going to stop by walking walking Robbie proper tackle. How loud you want to go in your temple? Okay, you want to go for the knees? Okay. So how did you get low enough to get tackled in is what you have to do is your body bend your knees. Okay what we practicing this morning Tower power. So think about the top part get nice and low to make that tackle would use your arms for Ring Of Steel. So you laugh through their knees together then the fall over how many people can tackle person? More than one person can pass on to people. Okay, just two people tackling one person to tackle 101 if they want someone can help if you need help. Okay, you're walking if you get tackled what body position you're going to when you present the ball. Okay, hold the ball. So I've tackled you. Okay, you're talking that way. So go down onto the floor placeable back like you would do in a normal game. Okay. Stop there freeze. My friend is when this rocking evolved at the moment there isn't. Okay. How wide is this gate to go through the tackle gauge? How wide is it? It's as wide as who the person so is this the ideal body position you wanna be the pencil position. So I always pencil look how wide the gates now. I can go all the way through the look the length of his body which way to the pencil point back towards your team has been around stay in the long blond long position that that's all. Okay, so we want to go into this long pencil position. Okay. So keep the ball there. Now, how wide is the gate to go through? Defenders, can you go in front of the back foot of the person has been tackled? Can you stand halfway down the pencil if you're defending note the back foot is the off side line? So you need to be behind the back foot. So yellow spread out spread out on the back foot. Okay, we're not spotting and yet we're not going through the middle locate the cockpit yet spread out across the bits. Why do you want to be in line with his back feet? Yeah, so you put pressure on the defense on the interactive. Okay, so pencil pencil position who's got the lead pass it and then play tackling low. Good taco good loving a still pencil see if I've got the ball in to answer them running or walking towards you. What can I do? How many options of I got two passes or what else my dude run? Okay. If I got the ball under one hand, what do you know that I'm going to do when I run straight at the more run into the Space Age result, but you know, you got make that tackle if the boys into your hands the attacker could pass it left or right? Okay or dummy excellent. So there's more options for the defender to think about was confused them which would make it a lot harder to defend her. She's just totally suppliers about importance of more precise communication and actually giving him directions. Good morning. What we've talked about body position again, here's an example remind me why we've got a long sentence of position. So if we were going to compete and rap for it, how wide is the gate? No way it's really thin. Okay, so it's easier to protect the ball. Okay, because there's not as much room for the the furnace to come through and get in your way. Okay, so pass it when you're ready. Well the past disappointed