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Gloucester Warm Up

Coaching is constantly changing and so does the "Warm Up", this clip goes inside the Gloucester academy squad during their end of season finals at the Allinaz stadium. You should find some new ideas

Video Transcription

Which we just try to get the players doing a little bit what they're going to do on the pitch given the opportunity to to point make a few more decisions in one box of the maybe maybe some some of the senior guys, but that's potentially because we're just trying to encourage a decision making and some of the China Coast on the communications come out in the team team warm-ups self-selected footwork. Do you want one for a couple of steps in? Okay couple accelerations module one more couple of arc's if you're picking off the base. Okay cell selected footwork boys. So about an hour before kickoff, they'll come out and they'll do their individuals. So basically all their self-selected warm-up sort of go through some Dynamics which we set for them, but then it's up to them to do their warm-up. So you can just do quick three anything like that couple of steps and then big acceleration off at the end. What are you should Dynamics then anything else? You need to get yourself ready? Okay, it's quite hard to stretch those bits but anything which solutions that we ankles that should help for so for the kicker's it will be kicking scrummaster. It was from a specific so box kick him pass them succeed affords behind us running through their line outs front row might do some scrum setups and they'll just go through self-selected warmer. We try to give them ownership of actually how they do it party individuals will head back in into the inter changing rooms will have about five minutes or so make any final preparations have a quick chat. So again Play Led quick chat. And then what they do is we'll come out seem warm up. Go for a couple of games. Let's get the heart rate going then we'll go through bit of contact warm-ups and getting ready for the physicality of the game and go for a bit of live warm-up. So 12 on 12 and then a bit of units and then finish off with some team plays team structure. What's up my rocket touch? Ok. So touch have you can off load off load? If not, it's early laps by support player 360 role. He goes into Center that he plays Phil Hart. This is rocket touch just together. Heart rate going get the handling skills up bit communication. Three side push up rotate three side. Let's get those upper body's nice and warm push up rotate through each side. What does upper bodies get ready for the contact? Fallout 3 push up claps. Let's get fired up three push-up claps. Okay, what's he done that Grover partner lawnmowers to each arm to each arm on the lawn mowers nice and explosive pull them up. It's an explosive on that fault. Okay, what's he done? That let's go shoulder pummeling 10 each side. That's not getting that intensity up now boys is quiet so far. Let's go shoulders quickly boys shoulders quickly. Okay on your chest. Let's go ahead battle on the floor Let's Get Set horn blows hips up. Let's go keep low just drive on driver one key that body shape. Okay and said again on your chest soldiers armed but those hits first go leg Drive kilos it flow. Okay, I will access have resisted presentation one on the back one other on top. Don't let him up set. Let's go go. Let's work our pop the hips move right move nice and quick. Let's get aggressive now. To chop tackles one on your left one and you're right. It don't bounce back up push through the feet nice and quick but two feet good. Let's actually put a shot in let's get warmed up for it. Put that shot in up on your feet. And I said shut up, you know that It ultimately they're going to play the game. It is ultimately how much they're going to put into it as well. So as a group of they they put more and more and more into it than they'll get more out of it and just try to empower that that decision making around by what they do off the field also then on the field to give them some real real buy into what they're doing is probably the easiest ways to try and get them to lead what they're doing as well instead of a be guided by us, but not not not massively directed by us.