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Players First - End Ball & Connecting Players

Fantastic game for warm ups, integrating new players and working on a wide range of skills. Its fun and this example has a "Game within a game"

Video Transcription

Slide you can run any direction. You can pass any direction. The Only Rule is Viet touch you want to pass then a second making it as most enjoyable and active experience as possible and being creative with that often comes thinking of some kind of conditions that own part of a game. If you ask most people what they want to play It's the kids. I want to get straight to a game. If it's the seniors are we want to play Touch? So let's use that and develop our philosophy of coaching around. How can we make those match our objectives of what we're trying to develop in a session? But what's the space con? Great ball nice Vision Kemal and luckiest little ball, I guess. Okay, stop there going to play the new ball now. I want to concentrate on where's the try line in relation to us? Forward okay. So that's all I have to focus on going forward into space if we see that space. Let's go forward into it. Let's get close to the try line, but also take advantage of what's in front of us. Take three, two one plate plug it up coming up the trunk. Good stuff lovely and Joshua. Let's go. Lucky play kid to support. Okay stop they're coming in really good stuff. I like the for momentum now, we're getting that momentum going forward with supporting it new rule and this is just a building a connection. If I shout a number so three four five to one whatever it is. We just have to forget our teams and get into that number. So we're still playing amble. We're still doing that. But if I shall five what do you gotta do? Show me? Okay, fantastic and all I'm going to make these guys do some kind of funny thing. Okay, you're the punishment will be some of the I tell you to do. I'm happy that that's right. Let's have a little bus I scared because support go. That's it. Great ball score their Blues from this ball blue some this ball. Let's go. Day three is three threes. Okay. That's the last three right you guys. I want to see your best impression. Remember Michael Jackson moonwalk. Let's go fantastic. This town is going to be 3. Okay, no big spoilers play from there. It's a great ball playing go. Come on go forward Mark nice to stuff. What we're going to do now is change it without playing wit. So we'll plan up and down nine beams that's going to your line up there. Bluebeard's that's going to be your line down here. Okay, really simple. Same game. Just going to put it up Direction. Obviously what we got more. Space than width so we can use that to our advantage. Okay, so from that Blues, yeah, so same game. Play on damn react fours fours kc5. I want you for you for you. Let's see an Australian press up what you think Australian press it. Looks like that's his vision Australian, press and fantastic. Okay, let's play from that go they score. What do we think about that game? First constant communication varied physical thing about a connection here the fun thing of the connection though. Okay, when you go into so it's again if you put that into it and you take away groups, do they care if it's a new player or an existing mate? That's in the click? No, because the competitive Spirit comes out in the girl. I'm just grabbing the nearest for guys. So again, it's building up physical connection, but you can move that around and say write any for quickly. What's everyone's name within that for? Yeah, they've got their names they can go from that right in that for just come up with where you live and you can add these things to it. But it's how we build that initial connection that physical and that that connection nice and quickly the gets them involved in the game. We can change it to adapt to these kids. But also within it we can change for the next bit. We're going for maybe two or three more minutes. We're now going to go to which side I say, so I shall blue that's are attacking Josh. You're only passed through your left hand Danny. You can only kick con you can only pass out the back door. Happy that okay everyone else exactly the same rules. Whose kitchen down and kicking they know that they know what they've got to do. They know what they gotta do. Okay, let's go play Let's Go yellow today. I got a bus lovely right now. We're going blue blue blue blue. Still there play just pick it up. Let's go green school there and 360 gives us an opportunity to get guys looking up and looking round at their environment and helping them understand. What's the right decision and went to make it.