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Posted on June 11th 2020 by Joe Sherrington

Training Ideas At Home!

We’ve recently had a lot of questions from coaches and parents asking for ideas on how to train for rugby from home or when socially distancing.

We highlighted some session ideas last week and so today I would like to focus on skills you can practice at home with and without other people! We actually have a whole section of the site dedicated specifically to parents wanting to help out their child’s development from home! You can check that out below.

For this article however we will focus on one particular category ‘Home Training’. First we have a video on learning to spin pass! There are some great practical ideas in this video as well as some concise coaching points.

Video: Learning To Spin Pass

A slightly different angle on home training is the contact side of the sport. The video shows you how to safely introduce this at home in a fun way. It encourages good form and technique on some staples of the sport such as ball presentation, ripping and protecting the ball.

Video: Contact At Home

Not everyone’s favourite this next clip but it goes without saying that fitness and strength is at the core of rugby! If nothing else this clip shows how to tire the kids out at home, some parents may thank you for it.

Video: Fitness & Strength Circuit

As with any article and video on our site please share and send it on, especially at a time where home training is the only way to ensure development in the sport!