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Posted on June 25th 2020 by Richard Hicks

Developing Talent In Amateur Coaches

Developing Talent In Amateur Coaches

As an amateur coach, such as a parent-coach, you may never have played the game before, but this shouldn't stop you from being the best coach you can be. Time is a big limiting factor for parents to become better coaches so we're here to say there is no harm in learning as you go!

Here are some fundamental skills and knowledge coaches must have:

Specific skills requires positional knowledge.

Video: Strong Body Position

Knowledge of fundamental movement skills.

Video: Fundamental Core Exercises

Sport specific fitness knowledge.

Video: 7's Fitness - Marcus Watson

Understanding about tactical applications of technical ability.

Video: Tactics Are For All Your Players

Knowledge in how to create games that develop rugby specific skills whilst engaging the learner (player) in active learning.

Video: Using Games To Problem Solve

There are very few qualifications open to all coaches. This results in a vast gap between where coaches get their technical knowledge from. fills that gap with a vast range of Age Specific Technical Practices for the starter coach.

Key Areas for developing the coach are:

  1. Developing those key fundamental movement skills
  2. Starting with the Core Skills: Run - Catch - Pass
  3. Getting the process skills started (discussed in this article)

Some more technical needs as they get older...

  1. Transitioning into contact
  2. Learning the tackle
  3. Learning the scrum
  4. The lineout
  5. Tactics and developing the game