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Posted on January 11th 2019 by Richard Hicks

Keep Fitness Interesting In 2019

Traditionally when runnning fitness sessions, we had to run and run and run. Thi usually involves a pyramid or two and several tweaked hamstrings that remarkably healed by the following game! Innovative coaches today have a far wider selection of practices to choose from to help with their team's fitness goals. This also lends to maintaining interest of the players long enough to achieve a training effect.

Here's a great selection of games and practices to keep your fitness sessions interesting this year!

Running Fitness

This game is great for including running fitness aspects into the session. Tactical aspects also occur when spaces are created. Make sure you always include a tactical aspect into your games!

Video: England Drop Touch

Here's another awesome game involving running in support and using principles of play! This ensures constant movement whilst working on technical skills under pressure.

Video: Fiji Touch

Specific Strength

Some of the pre-season fitness sessions are valid in this phase of the season and will really help your players get back into the swing of things, so make the most of them!

Video: Burpees & Progressions

Wrestling is a terrific way to work on core strength and rugby specific strength endurance.

Video: Warm Up Wrestling

The use of functional strength practices are essential for maintaining your player's cores. Make it into a relay race and have fun with it!

Video: Bear Crawls

Technical Fitness

Try this great practice for getting up off the floor and the into a strength position, whilst working the core, upper body and developing technique.

Video: Collision Fitness

Maintaining body fitness and collision fitness is essential to prevent injuries and preparing the players for that first post Christmas tackle or collision.

Video: Spinning Bears

Dynamic Flexibility

A simple way to maintain athlete preparation is good warm up and movement practices! Try these out...

Video: Dynamic Warm Up

For more inspiriation visit the video library and access thousands of excellent examples of new ideas, old ideas done better and ideas you hadn’t thought of!

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