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Posted on July 16th 2020 by Richard Hicks

Easy Ways To Improve Your Training Sessions!

Every coach should be looking to improve their sessions! Most of us don't have that long each week with our players and so getting coaching points across quickly and concisely is crucial to the team's development.

Here are some of our tips to help you improve your delivery and the effectiveness of your training this season. Make sure you share this page with the coaching community!

Ask More Questions

We often find that players remember key coaching points far better if they are the ones to make them! This is where asking questions can be really beneficial, providing prompts and reinforcement will help your players understand key concepts quickly!

Video: Asking questions

Go Back To Basics

When coaching a new concept or technique, we can all be guilty of throwing too much at our team at once. Building these up from the basics may seem slow at times, but your players are far more likely to retain this new information in stages.

Video: Catching is the first skill to passing

Player Cenetered Coaching and Building Rapport

Do you understand the significance of rapport and how this can influence your training sessions? In this video elite coaches, experts and pundits provide a clear view of how important this is.

Video: Building rapport

Listening More

Communication is key to making good decisions, teaching your players the importance of listening skills is vital. Jon Curry from Northampton Saints makes some simple but very important observations to help players make informed decisions.

Video: Listening is a key skill

Treat Mental Fitness As A Key Skill

John Neal defines mental fitness and explains it's importance to a rugby player. The brain is a muscle like any other, and should be trained.

Video: Mental fitness

Change Your Coaching Philosophy

Every 4 years the UK talks about changing the way we coach to develop players for the long term. It's a rare occurence however here are some insights into why you might want to change your approach!

Video: Change your coaching style

For more inspiriation visit the video library and access thousands of excellent examples of new ideas, old ideas done better and ideas you hadn’t thought of!

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