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Posted on December 10th 2020 by Richard Hicks

Principles of Play - Continuity!

It is the aim of the team in possession to maintain continuity by denying the opposition the ball. This is where Rugby Union differs from other sports where passing is the sole source of continuity. Rugby has sequences where physical contact such as rucking or mauls can also define continuity, often being used as a tactic to change the tempo of a game and introduce some chaos. This often creates space elsewhere!

When coaching continuity you have to include so much more than just running into shields or handling exercises. Here are a few aspects you should be including:

1) Ball Carry:

Video: Grip Games - Ball Retention

2) Footwork:

Video: Importance of Footwork

3) Body Shape In Contact:

Video: Continuity in Attack - Contact

4) Ball Presentation:

Video: Worcester Academy - Ball Presentation