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Posted on June 4th 2020 by Joe Sherrington

No Contact/Equipment Rugby Session Ideas

As sport is slowly returning in various places across the globe here are some great ideas to get your players moving again whilst keeping their distance! Before even introducing a rugby ball you can take these exercises as a warm up or even a full blown movement/speed/agility session!

This is sure to give your player's that competitive edge! Adding competition is a great way to get your players back into the swing of things. Run it as a circuit for your players and feel free to add new fun exercises each week to engage your players.

Video: Full Competitive Session

We asked the players, skills coach and head coach why they do this (scroll down for video) and here are some of the great reasons:

  • It gets the players in the right mindset before the session starts.
  • It improves transitions from training to matches where you need to be switched on from the whistle. This is especially useful for teams suffering with slow starts.
  • The competitive element makes your warm ups fun and engaging. This will prevent any players from simply going through the motions.
  • This extra fight and competition will mentally challenge and train your team to deal with pressure, improving player performance.
Video: The Importance of Keeping It Competitive!

Please note that we still encourage teams to perform a full dynamic warm up before beginning the competitive element, in order to avoid injury. Here's a full dynamic warm up you can follow!

Video: Full Dynamic Warm Ups

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