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Posted on Septemeber 6th 2019 by Rich Hicks

New World Cup Games!

What is the one thing players love more than games? World cup games! In this article we will run through how to start incorporating some world cup into your sessions that will keep training fun, engaging and challenging.

The touch game we will play is a modified touch where each team have their own constraints tailored to how they play. So split your players into 4 groups; New Zealand, Australia, France and England!

New Zealand

The All Blacks play an all round style with a strong emphasis on the offload. The constraint for this team is to allow offloads after the touch. The ball is turned over when there is a ruck or no support.

Video: Offload Touch


They play a fast attacking style of play with an avoidance of rucks. The constraint here is that when a player is touched they have three seconds to recycle the ball. They can use an offload but it would be great to see some fast/efficiednt rucks being practiced.


The french play a strong counterattacking and running game often exposing holes in the defence. The game to play here is drop touch where the defending team has to drop to a knee or pressup on touching the ball carrier. The aim of this is to reduce the numbers on the pitch to allow the french team to identify and attack space!

Video: Drop Touch


They seem to have numerous threats at the moment but the most damaging seems to be the yardage of the major ball carriers. We suggest playing ruck touch to emulate this, allowing players to continue for 5m beyond the touch and set up a ruck with great ball presentation.

Video: Ruck Touch

As you can see splitting your players into these teams allows them to work on different skills whilst also practicing playing against different types of opposition with varying styles of play. I'd recommend changing their teams each week or twice a session but this is up to you! If you're feeling adventurous, set up a new world cup team with specific constraints.