Posted on October 1st 2018 by Richard Hicks

Developing Talent In Amateur Coaches

As a parent or amateur coach, you may never have played the game before, but this shouldn't stop you from being the best coach you can be.

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Posted on September 22nd 2018 by Richard Hicks

Should We Aspire To Professional Standards?

Professional standards are great at professional levels - but do we have to apply these thresholds at amateur levels?

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Posted on September 19th 2018 by Richard Hicks

Do We Put Too Much Emphasis On Contact Training?

As everyone knows, Rugby is a collision based, contact sport. But is it receiving too much attention at training?

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Posted on September 6th 2018 by Richard Hicks

Coaching The Pass At Any Level

When we observe any rugby match at any level it is the best passers of the ball that we notice first.

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Posted on September 3rd 2018 by Richard Hicks

Tackle Time - A Closer Look

As youngsters and new participants progress into full contact, being able to tackle safely is crucial.

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Posted on August 30th 2018 by Alex Patton

Gallagher Premiership 2018/19 - What You Should Know

With the Gallagher Premiership season about to kick-off we look ahead as to what this season has to offer!

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