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England U 20's - TOP Exercises

Tower of Power is made up of various elements and in this clip some of the England U 20's players go though some pushing & movement practises

Video Subtitles

We're going to look at it again. You just gonna put hands on the front of the Bag Boys. You just come and give him some resistance if it starts to slide a little bit too easy again, we're going through that checklist all the time. Okay, so it's working on feet shoulder to part of much for contacts as we possibly can the knee Bend so point of his knee just behind the point of his hip. Okay, he's got good hip tilt. Now this flat on his lower back scap Salon chest nice and big and parallel to the floor head in that neutral position. Okay. Now we're looking at the dry face and wash his first movement going to be Knees Down slightly and hips through okay, and then he's going to extend then what you're gonna do Chase's Feats is going to shuffle is going to be lots of movements are little real definite Trend plants movement to think try and try not big steps. We want to be really definite placements. Okay, if we have lots of little shuffles, we've got five feet off the floor for lots and lots of time. Okay, so think about we're extending and we're really positive with our foot placement as we're trying to educate forward rather than lots and lots of Little Steps where we then got up there were losing that foot contact as where do we say? We got a poll from the floor so against we want to maintain as much pressure with the flaws we can Let's see how we get on. So just give me a little bit of assistance again. I'm going to put some pressure through you now. Okay, so as you feel this pressure, okay, you just got to react to it and keep that shape as best. We can good keep them fit pushed hard in the floor. Can your people shouting the floor just try and keep edging in our lives so know yet trying just keep edging just try and keep edging try and keep edging good will keep them foot placement positive really positive. Keep going and rest.