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Quins- Tackling Warm Up Game

A fun game to get players ready both mentally and physically for contact and tackling. Applies to most age groups

Video Transcription

We did that little bit of a yeah, upper body wants a little bit of contact in the session today. So just wanted to get the blood going in the shoulders. Make sure the boys are ready for that upper body hits. So we thought little bit of a rest a bit of a grapple bit of fun bit of competition within the session think the good guys. We enjoyed It prepares into the session ahead listening chaps like things yesterday. There was a lot of thrown to the ground today. We're going to try and stay on their feet as best we can we're going to get it nice and close. If you can pick your man up drag him outside drop him outside the square you stay on your feet you then you can then come back in if you both end up off your feet outside the square you're both out. Okay, you have to try and stay on your feet. There's no hits. There's no collisions. There's no picking it up from the legs and dumping them over your shoulder. Okay, we've got to look after each other, but it's trying to get it nice and close stay nice and upright pick them up dump him outside pink. She trying to get whites out what you're trying to get Pink's out three. Today we're playing in this Square One. Let's go. James Hatfield picks on picking on the backs stay in the Square starting the square Silas the so you going out there? Okay, so I'm going you're out Vincent. You're out you're off your feet. You're out you two Jack you're up zero. You're out. You're off your feet. Got to stay on your feet. You're out. Get out. Got to stay on your feet. Pink's for Pink's back in five things in okay picks one that one everybody back in place have to stay on your feet chaps your responsibility. Watch strong base. Try and stay on your feet, especially again. Okay ready? Go stay in the Square staying the square been staying the square. Japan you're out boys a year. You're out now Ben. Hey good gabbro. Good baby. Don't need to throw him out. But come on. Okay, you're out. You're out. You're out stay off his feet. Come on George head fire object rubbing up. Stay strong and stay strong. Take your leg. Okay good stuff. Let's go try to remove as many of the opposition team out of this square. If you possibly can you can only remove them by picking them up carrying the dropping them off. Okay outside it. Once you've been taken out you're out of the game. You can't come back here. Okay, you can work in to gang up on people no idea is to eliminate as many of the opposition's you possibly can in one city in one minute. Okay. It's no numbers. No dragon to grab just want to pick up Harry drop on the outside. Okay. We just want to build them into it really, you know, there's still a fair bit of time to go before the season starts. So do they need any more bone on bone? Probably not they'll get enough of that over the over the eight months of the season.