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Time To Change Coaching Style

Every 4 years the UK talks about changing the way we coach to develop players for the long term. It never happens however here are some insights into why you might want to change that

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When I was playing when I was coached, it was very much a tell orientated framework. I was often told what I needed to do where I needed to go and what to do at certain time during the game and I think a number of coaches in the game now, especially mini and junior coaches that was their experience but coaching's moved on and this is the challenge for us is to adapt and change our style and become modern coaches become better coaches attack you talk to me about the defense actually because you're in position to see good bad indifferent. Okay good. So pleasing what why why why yeah good position. That was really good. I thought I should have one player. Very prominent Premiership player still playing friendship today and I kept asking questions and he goes for God's sake we just please tell me what you want. You know you they just wanted that because they've been taught like that all his career. He was craving bit just been to the toilet and I'll do it. And if I do it you can't drop me and rub is not like that. It'll be the right decision making so you've got to give the place a tools to be able to make them decisions and met the right one. And you know, you don't do that by telling them what to do on a Tuesday or Wednesday and Thursday cause when it comes to again, you're not there of course. Oh, yeah as a coach. They've got to make their own decisions unless you Trend that every day in that environment. The players are never going to change. So when we stopped last time I said when we talk now we would be assessing ourselves on our ability to do what? Good, man. Yeah, how will we able to keep playing quickly quick quick quick we were looking for and how did we do with that quite well, okay. So I was like, what was our kind of consistency of it like Yeah, okay good and what and when it was good, they run into space in the communicated really early. What happened when it when it slow down. Why did that happen? Yeah, good. Yeah. So what we want to do is try and encourage players to make instinctive decisions on the pitch. So rather than them being told what to do. I'm coming up to a breakdown by coaches told me to do something that we're trying to encourage the platter make a split decision. So that's an instinctive decision. So we have to adapt and change our style and that's why you're here in some of the interviews from the elite coaches. That's what they're doing at the top of the game and that's the approach that I believe that we should be looking to use and develop amongst all coaches across the whole of the game. Three two one babe fence wise I think one more thing when we when they're talking the wing on the outside. We've got men inside calling things stuff. Like don't really apply the shank ocean go off and stuff went outside. We really need to say we talked about the area around Garden 9 that sort of Right Around The Rock. How do we think we got better at that or did we get better at it? The inside wall couple of times and it got stopped sure. She's good. So altering what we do changing what we do to try to adapt the messages that we're giving them and bring them on and actually get them to think for themselves. You know, that's a key thing that we've been was a key challenge particularly last year. If you ask most people what they want to play It's the kids. I want to get straight in a game if it's the seniors are we want to play Touch? So let's use that and develop our philosophy of coaching around. How can we meet those match our objectives of what we're trying to develop in a session? I would pass on my opinion quite a lot. But actually there's so much power and saying if you just got a few words that might just switch something on but then then just it's white noise. We've got to make them the people making the decisions and those are going to import that that on the on the game because we just shout do this do this do that. Then they're never going to make the decisions are never going to take ownership of it and they're not actually to become the decision makers that we want leaders out there. And yeah, and there's nothing wrong with just going to leader think about our width. It could just be space think about width think what we're trying to attack and just leave it at that because a powerful thing is just giving them a question and let them cook the answer. So this is Gang Related. So one of those one or two other players are talk about what they really want to try and Achieve be really really Dynamic one guy identify yourself as Point get that guy you're being flat and it cutting in line. Then we're gonna have the guys coming out in behind running that hockey stick line. We talk about again on Tuesday the moments just a little bit too. Nothing, but the Endeavors Corrales the corner is actually pretty good.