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Tactics Are For All Your Players

Danny Care scores a great try due to a lack of tactical understanding from several players. Simple match analysis would resolve this and outlines why coaches should work with all players on roles & responsibilities

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Bit confused with the Danny care there at this stage who's scrum off? Who's not so what ball are we going to have? middle Okay, what are we thinking there? And guys Peter said I think I've called it my right here. That's why you got a catch. That's why you're going to drive from the front is that we said you can go off the top but it is hot who knows it's going off the top you do because you've just seen it but who knows on that field is going off the top Irish do they they should do if they do. What do you want these two guys to do? Block anyone coming through the line or so their roles should be this that they're in this position here in the liner and as that's thrown to their they should be looking here there. They should be looking and if someone comes through there, they just make a nice little detour just to use the body. It's all legal and vice versa the back the guy at the back should be going off the top ball. I don't need to go. Have you called it? Oh, yeah, you've delivered it are good. What's happening next now? If this is happening at the top level is it happening at Schoolboy level and upwards the answer is yes, it is guys. So it's not being coached enough that there we should have it should be cover cover and if they cover their does the score now, he doesn't because everyone's brain the scrum off here. This guy. Yeah, that's correct. So, what's he come there for or is he come to Rosie come because he thinks is a drive. Well, we don't know but the point being We're Playing devil's advocate is certainly not doing what it should. Do. These are the two guys. He should be looking after he hasn't done that as he and then this guy is having a look just to see what the scrum-half passes like. You've got to give Danny Kaye lot of credit. He's one he was he was clearly on side. He read it brilliantly.