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1v1 Evasion Skills

This video takes you through the skills to use in a 1v1. Use the fend, ball transfer and footwork to beat the man.

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Okay, I'll ask you guys. What's the easiest way to score a try? Just beat the man. So then so that'll be the first stop point. Right? So we do ball grip and then talk about how do we beat the man? I'll tell you what, we'll start the start in the middle these two green cones. Okay, Jaden you going to run to that cone Jamie you run to that cone.Just turn Jamie what I want you do is just get two handed touch eft hand on his right shoulder right hand and his left shoulder Jaden use the grip and I just want you to use your footwork. I just want you to beat him and score on his cone. No pressure. I'll give him the try, you've got to get on the shoulders there. So what are the methods I could use to help me beat the man, so what did Jaden do? Footwork? Okay, what part of the foot was using was he kind of? Okay was it big steps Little Steps? Lots of short sharp choppy steps. Okay, and where did he try to get to? Round him. He didn't just try and run through him. Alright, so when we if I'm attacking if Jaden's a attacking Jamie and he just goes steps left. Where do you think the ball needs to get to so if I step right where does it all go? Come here. Jamie come and take the ball off me So what what am I doing? Yeah. Yeah, but won't forget the handoff. What am I doing? Moving the ball away from him so actually want to move the ball away from the from the tackler. And just working on the ball transfer So Jamie, what I'd like you to do is just move the ball to one side.Okay, and then take your left shoulder to his to his left shoulder. Okay, and fend. No, no, sorry. It's left hand to his left shoulder. Okay fend and then back to two and then take press the ball into your hands and badge and then take your right hand to his right shoulder. Okay, so we go from 2 hands to 1 hands to 2 hands. Okay. So all I want you to do is just knock out maybe three of each side and then swap over. Okay. It doesn't need to you know, push them away properly just tap tap through. Try and make it quick. Okay, stop there. So I now want you to have a go. Okay. So think about a 10 points of contact think about gripping the ball not cupping the ball and press it into yours badge on your shirt. Okay, when you're ready go so already he's already putting in. So if you come around here and have a look so what he's done is he's cupping the ball, which basically then means that he's got less control over the ball. So actually what we want them to do is have half of his 10 points of contact in .Similar thing is how do you hold on to the ball so that you can actually do the things you want to do on it and be and do the creative stuff? Okay. Okay. So I and and all I would say is that so I'm terrible with names, right? Okay. So all I would say is like it's a difference of a thumb and all you're looking to do is press your fingers in the ball. And remember those I need half your 10 points of contact. Okay. So then what we would do. Okay all I want is early footwork. So on the front and the top of the balls of your foot a ball pump left or right whichever way you want. Okay, have a look at his feet. Okay, see which way he goes at. All I want you to do is have a little two-hand touch on his shoulder and I want you go 2-1-2. Okay and just move the ball away with a fend. Okay, let's go. Okay and back to 2. What did Jamie do? What did Jamie do with his hips once you stood to one side of him? What did Jamie do with his hips? You know it is so so come here have a look here boy said go do it again. So come here boys. Have a look. Tell me what he's doing with his hips. Wait, which way they pointing at the end which way they pointing. Square they going back forwards again. So what did he do in order to get around him and the outside? What are you doing? This hits a step? But what would happen with his hips? He turned them so you could get to the side and then Square them up. So I want you think of like a car. Okay, when you turn the corner, what are you doing with the steering wheel and the wheels you turn them right? What happens to the chassis of the car? It turns the corner in order thing going straight line what you're doing with the wheels with the chassis. So you put the chassis you put the wheels in line with the chassis. So we call it chassis and wheels your legs are the wheels and you bodies the chassis and so all we actually doing is when we're stepping and bull pumping and finding let's say with full pump then we only fended step this way. We actually want to go chassis wheels and square up and then go forwards again two one two,