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Breakdown - Clear & Kick

Teach your players how to kick the ball at the ruck. With players sometimes reluctant to give away penalties this technique is a great way to turnover the ball and stay on your feet

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What's going to happen in this exercise? Okay, this is about bounce up on our feet and kick the ball, which is something that England have been doing recently and a number of teams have been doing that. So rather than guess whether the ref the official is going to penalize us or whether we can get on the ball. We can't get on the ball. Okay, if we can actually bounce to our feet and get a foot to the ball. It's going to either one slow down there their ball the breakdown or it will squeeze out the side and give us an opportunity to then capitalize on it. Okay. So what this exercise is, we're going to tackle they'll be a bag. So the ball is right on the end of the back of the bag where it lands then Alex you'll be straight over that so you bounce get the clear out the way to get the defender out of the way and get your foot on the ball. Let's go then Jack. Good job. Great work great work good football skills Jack you're on the bag. Yeah, you kick as far as you can. Can you put it good? So as you're having that battle? How's your having that battle at the breakdown that the earlier you can get your foot on the ball the better you'll be okay. Let's talk things over. Nice, make sure we stay on our feet though Alex if you fall over the ball, it's actually the penalty actually what are the key points here? So what makes it harder easier? staying low So she's using that crap technique keeping our chest low our hips. Low one of the things we were practicing because if we do that and drive through then we're going to get we're going to get a good opportunity to get to the ball. Okay, so I think some people to turn that the race for space. So the space where is the space here? Okay, the space is about six inches to a foot beyond that ball. If we can dominate that space rather than worry about the balls. We can dominate the space first it then gives us opportunities a second man can get the ball the first man can potentially pick it up all the first man can clear it if we don't dominate the space it Narrows our opportunities there. Some accent. Okay, we'll just do a couple more. Good work. Like coming in Jack I stop and get into that ball. It's really stop him clear it gone Jamie get to the ball ball, Jamie. One more last one. Okay, so there you're actually doing a proper clearing job. Okay, so let's really stop it. not cheating take the bowl. That's it. Excellent work guys.