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Breakdown - Getting started

The contest at the breakdown is always changing and new techniques are often introduced however there are some fundamental skills required and this clip explains some of them

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A play with how to utilize several different breakdown techniques during a match. When the individual wrecking techniques have been addressed. It's important to practice them all together with variety and an element of decision-making. Start by putting them together in a row here the player starts with a duck and clean or a low Target. They then clear out a higher Target before hitting a tea bag at the end. You can add a grip and roll station to this exercise to progress it further. In this game a group of attackers are trying to penetrate a line of defense. When they do a loose Defender tries to Jackal for the ball, they must decide whether to duck and clean them out from beneath or grip and roll them out of the way. This is a tiring drill and will condition players to perform these important techniques when fatigued.