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Breakdown Touch

This is a game which can be used to introduce contact gradually into pre-season training. With each touch, one player from each side must compete at a controlled breakdown situation. It is important for players to maintain good technique when they are fatigued, and for the coach to manage this.

Video Subtitles

Red Bull Red Bull stay on Danny go to down dog using games is a fantastic way of putting players under pressure making them fatigue taking them out of their comfort zone so that they have to do things when they're tired. And that's exactly what happens on Match days. This is about race for the space. Okay, so I will decide who's do you're trying to clear Danny at the way down. He's trying to clear you out. Like we are not Jacqueline for the ball. So if they're going to give penalties away, they're going to come off their feet at the breakdown Etc. Then you want to try and replicate that in games. And if you can put conditions in to make them tired, then that's actually a perfect thing to be doing at training especially during a preseason. I'm just going to say go. It's a battle for the ball. I will then decide who gets the ball off say blue or red and then you play Red Bull Red Bull stay on Danny go to down no bread bowl and place it down. Once you've won it go Red Bull turn over Red Bull Play on Play On rights play on Danny go. Red Bull competition for the bowl there blue ball touch down touch the blue ball. It's a competition which is live the rest of its just touch go. red ball turnover Dry. Well Johnny. Play on Danny go go stop it. Okay, stay there. Stay there. Well guys Danny go Danny go you too. Jackie go. Okay guys one of the issues this was that we have to sort of flat mates here that are very competitive and they just tried to smash into each other. The issue is guys you lost all your technical skills there. So your skill sets went the techniques that the coach is asking for those conditions that you set are absolutely crucial in the actual personal development of each player dico. You try to dive over Jack. You're actually trying to almost go to the floor. So Jack you got on your feet come over with your head down a bit. Okay, so you're driving position down was more like that. So, where's he going to be driving if his heads down like this off the ball off his feet is going to be a penalty. Okay. So guys the quality. We got to have a really good quality contest 30 seconds left. Let's go check time to go contest for the ball numbers left left. Nice bad Blue Bowl Blue bull play from there. That's it. Good. Good, Jack good skill normal touch touch to people who break down go body positions been stopped. There's a penalty to low bent. deck go Red Bull. Good work Liam. Okay, nice offload will give you that bring it in doing this game is take away the pace take away the velocity of the runners. Okay, so there's less impact and it's all about your Technique. You can have a competition or a contest at the breakdown. So one of the conditions was a rock touch. So on completion of a touch the attacking player goes down and presents himself east to west. So it's not a long place. There's then two players one Defender one attacker and the coach then calls go or engage the two players then compete for the breakdown and it's a race for space competition. So if whoever wins that race of space they get the ball. So if the attacking side do well they then keep the ball if the defending side gets a turnover because he's competed. Well, then they get the ball.