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Building the scrummage

The new scrum laws are providing a challenge for all levels of the game, here Jon Curry from Northampton saints questions junior players on their knowledge, clarifies his interpretation and provides some practical answers and solutions to executing an effective scrum

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The menfolks the session day was to actually get them to feel what the change in the scrimmage is like the fact that the game is now moving towards the ball actually be put straight in the scrimmage, which means that we're going to fucking for the ball the fact that we've got the pre bind which means that everybody's lot closer than they used to be which has the effect of players not being able to certainly the front rows not being able to get the hips past their knees if they're on they're all they're all positions. So an awful lot of changes in foot positioning and changing angles and it was about them just finding out about that during the course of a few scrimmages who can tell me what the new engagement sequences for the referee going to say Crouch bind set now the Crouch self-explanatory. Find means it the props must pre bind on the opposite number and the set when the referee says set the screams can engage. Who knows what's going to happen after that left going to say nine. Yes, or yes nine. And once you said that the ball will come in you will only say that when the scrimmage is static and steady. Why do you think they've changed the laws Brent collapses? Prevent injuries who can sing what's going to be the first the first change big change? Less impact that's where it's going to be less impact but there's good news man. Hook is going to have to strike for the ball because the ball has to go down the middle of the channel. We're just going to build the scrimmage up and we'll just first start building It Up Against the Machine and then we'll put into a live situation. First thing I'm going to do is get a little bit warmed up Grill pans there right you're going to sit down and on the floor sit down on the floor get then I'm going to pull you up you're going to do five on each arm and then turns over. And pull him up and then you shit and lean back and then up. There we go. This time we go to hands nice and quick quick quick 10. One for for we are get your right foot forward. Just keep your eyes on Forge. Okay boys this time we're going to go into a chest press chest. Press hands up Sam again. Right foot forward your body doesn't move your body doesn't move but your arms. I'm just going to extend and he's going to resist is going to let me extend when he's going to resist. Let me bend your arms at it. Now you push to me do another gently gently keep the pressure on all the time. So the pressures on all the time then I push back. Yeah. So you keep the pressure on all the time. Nice little chest, press just do five. Don't don't use your body weight. Just use your arms keep the pressure on all the time. It's not a race controlled and steady controlled and steady Pace everybody get into that position when I blow the whistle you going to try and push the other man backwards. Okay, you start pushing on the whistle you stop when they whistle goes again. Come on, Phil. He's not come on. Get ready. We're gonna go again for all fours facing each other right? Look your heads in the scrimmage position. Okay, please get on your knees on your knees. That's it. Just bind with one hand. Okay, take the by in there. Okay, and then you're going to push against each other and just come up into a level scrimmage positions. You need to get your feet get your studying. It's touching so push against each other and then just come up into a level scrimmage position and go push at it and try that and down good. Okay, just three of them three of those just coming up into a level position and down again. It's quite a difficult one this fellas. You must talk to each other and push keep the back straight. Keep the back straight. Are you doing the bush? Okay, nicely done. Fellas. Okay, let's go across the scrimmage machine. So we need the ball to go through a channel. Okay. See you need to have this foot said quite close here. So he's got something to support him and this foot needs to be a little bit wider but a little bit further forward than you've had in the past, but you still got to keep this nice tight bind now in a scrimmage the three channels boys channel one comes through the props legs between the second row and the flanker channel to comes back between the two locks to the number eight feet and channel 3, which is just unheard of these days because all the way across to that side, so it's hooked and scooped when I say Crouch fellas, you do the Crouch when I say bind you're going to put your hands flat on the side of the pads. So you passed the pads past the pads on the metal and then when I say in gay when I say sir. You're going to engage. Okay second Rose. Let's go in. Crouch bind Set okay. Nice. Nice. Nice hit nice hit we get will be going to be good when we're actually going into the set come when we get the crowd to then we get the bind come really pulling with the arms and make it nice and tight and then we'll take the set down you go again. Crouch find. Oh just because I came across this side. You've gone all high in a bad position and everything over there. Just as a matter of Interest fellows just feel information. If you engage early the first time be a free kick. If you do it quite quickly after that it'll turn into a penalty. If you do it again quickly after that. There is a chance that it could become a yellow card. Okay, same for the scrum-half if they put the ball in not straight get nice and low in that squat. Okay Crouch. Bind set that's nice. That's whoa. Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa fellas. Now this is something that you've got to get out of the habit of hi, once you hit it must be held steady will not enter to keep driving keep driving. It's got to be hit and it's got to be steady still got to get little bit longer one more fellas, never going to change bodies around and make sure we get all shoulders Square now the key here fellas is to have a nice tight bind but a comfortable bind and your shoulders not out your shoulders got to come on. That's it. That's it. You shoulders got to be got to be able to see all the shoulders referee or want to see all the shoulders and what you did scrimmage straight and square Crouch find set hold it steady. Hold it steady. That's nice. Okay up you get Crouch bind set Hold it hold it steady. Yes nine. Okay. Well done boys. Well done what we get.