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CCRU Game - Ball Touch

Aim of the game: Touch as many players as possible with the ball in one minute. The ball must be held in both hands at all times

Video Subtitles

We're going to play a game of ball touch. Okay, the areas were working in we've got two grids marked out with the white cones. Okay, the object of this game is that one person's going to be the tagger. He's going to have the ball in his hands. He's going to try and run around and touch as many people in his area. Okay on the shirt or on the shorts with the ball and he's going to keep his score all the other people in that group have to carry the ball into hands and they're trying to avoid being touched with the ball. Okay. So the area working to tell me where the the boundaries of your grid are white rectangle cones. Well done. Hey, how many hands need to keep on the ball? Okay, and the ball the person who's the tagger? What's he going to be trying to do? As many people as you can and he must remember to do what? Count well done. Okay, we're going to work for a minute. Okay, so let's get back into our house and we'll start on the whistle. That's good. Keep working while doing that's one well done. So. It's good movement. Well done. Good footwork. Well doing okay, and we come. So, how many did you 13 well done. Excellent work on this side 6. Okay. Excellent. I'll do now is we remember those scores? You can be the one that runs with the touches with the ball on this this side and we'll let you have a go in here. We're trying to beat those though. We've got six in this group to be and 30 in this group. Okay, that would go with start to get on the whistle.