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Core Values

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Anyone who's ever played what or being involved with rugby will agree that it has a hugely positive effect on the lives that it touches rugby is tough and it's skillful. It's physically and mentally demanding its Dynamic and exciting and it brings out the best in people of all ages. Wonderful piece unique qualities is that players of all shapes and sizes skills and abilities have different roles to play on the pitch as a result a complete cross-section of the community is involved in Rugby Union in England with over two and a quarter million players 1900 Rugby Club 3100 schools, 37,000 referees 57,000 coaches some 40,000 volunteers involved all of these people have a common appreciation for a great game its Heritage and his principles. We all share and agree with the five core values of rub Union teamwork teamwork teamwork. Teamwork. Rugby is a game for everyone. Everyone has a part to play in our team. We always welcome new people. And we play for each other. We're proud of our team and we rely on each other on and off the pitch. We make friends for life and work for the team not for ourselves whether we win or we lose everyone in the team has to step up at some point when your time comes to shine the team trusts follows and believes in you. discipline discipline discipline discipline underpins our sport Rugby is a hard physical sport and we must make sure it is controlled honest and fair at all times. We obey the laws and regulations of rugby. The laws of that attack players. Make sure the game is inclusive and exciting. We have an example to set for the gate rugby as a well-organized and robust disciplinary system, which we must support and enforce control the game preserves its reputation for honesty fair play and sportsmanship enjoyment enjoyment enjoyment. Enjoy is the reason why we play in support Rugby Union. Most of all are involved in the game because we love it training playing watching or working behind the scenes from amateur Club matches, right Foods Internationals. You can't beat the pension skills and physicality when two teams faced each other on the pitch playing rugby. It's a team fit and healthy. We make sure our young players are always safe and help them to enjoy the game being part of the team is great fun. It builds your confidence on and off the pitch. Respect respect respect respect forms the basis of our sport. Why are you behaving rugby is all about respect for each other for our coaches for volunteers and for everyone involved in the sport, we respect our match officials and accept their decision. We respect opposition players and supporters. We have respect for rugby, its values and traditions and earn the respect of others while the way we behave. Sportsmanship what worship sportsmanship sportsmanship is the foundation Rugby Union is built upon win or lose. We behave in a sporting way whether we're players on the pitch or support. He's on the sideline everyone that plays our game deserves recognition for his or her hard work and achieving we play to win but not at all costs and we're generous in Victory and dignified in defeat. These principles cannot be taken for granted four core values that our sport is built on have to be embraced communicated and lived in everything you say and do we need to pass them on to the next Generation. This is our duty and responsibility to our sport. This is rubbery. This is rugby. This is rugby. This is what