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Evasion Training

Rugby is a game of evasion. The movement and agility of players is integral to evasion and coaches should integrate specific exercises into training sessions. Coaches can use small sided games along with some simple practises

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That's what we call being careful guys. Okay, here's your first game. The end ball is the yellow line there and the yellow line here the yellows have got a run to that end over there. Okay, you can run with the ball if you make a mistake, it's turnover. Clear? No problems, go!Good step!And you're in, oh unlucky. Come on if you don't make a mistake, you keep the ball. Where are we all now where are we? Where's the ball? Okay, how can we make sure that we're going to get a little bit more efficiency with our play? What do we need? CallsGood Communications good. Spaces as well, we're hovering. Okay, let's spread out a little bit play. Yes, It's fun, it's quick, it's active. What's pleasing to know is that these boys a running with the ball in two hands, which is always a good thing.Pass towards each other just backwards and forwards backwards and forwards and then when I say go go The person who has the ball has to score on that cone, the other isgoing to touch him. Okay, ready go. That'sSo bouncing around on our toeready to make sure that we are ready to move. Think about it like slip catching in Cricket. Are we going to be ready to go at any direction up down left right.Nice and fast quick hands. Go!Good reaction. Well done. Nice quick hand staying on our toes off the go catch the ball. Nice quickly. Turns your left your right again. You just hear a color called and a defending town called one two or three. We'll just jog the first one. The attackers are going around here because you try lines there. Okay, so that's our say blue two.Blue and the second cone can start moving that's fine. You got the idea. So we're now going to change the problem. Sometimes we release the attacker early. Sometimes we release him late and obviously we can adjust the code as we wish. Will he sit or will we actually be set up and push into the touchline. Caught a bit Square there, but he made his tackle.Pick this up a little bit more. Okay blue, two. You see how big these standard thing that used. I got cool Square little bit of time, but we'll watch well done. You want to be isolating isolating Defenders and to creating as many one-on-one opportunities as possible whether in a whether you're an attack against a completely flat line or whether you broke the line, you're attacking the defender. You always want to isolate a player and sort of try and wrong foot him and go through the Gap. So it's very evasion skills are very important in the game of rugby. What do you think? The biggest problem was with him being kippered? Keep going forward and what are we looking to do with with the attacker where we pushing him? Use ourtouch line. So we got our shoulders this way. We're not doing that. We get a weak shoulder. We caught your own that hesitation there didn't they? Yeah, you're in charge you or the defenders your you got to dominate the situation. There is called whites in the player has to go really far back work to the right and then he calls a number. So if you cause white three, like it just did the the attacker goes around the white cone. The defender has to go around the third white coat. So it's quite a long distance apart. If you cause blue to like he has done them sort of medium distance and it's a one-on-one. I'm sure on our courses is that when we've we've built in the contact and the technique that this is a great fun game with full contact. I would say you had a lot of forward momentum. Okay, and that meant that when you drove off that leg you didn't actually power yourself that much laterally, so will your side stepping up for momentum meant that you basically went there and there? Okay, so when we are actually sidestepping, especially a big one on one situation if I'm attacking against Reese. I want to slow my forward speed down a little bit. Okay and focus on moving sideways because if I'm going to take Reese on what do I want to do to his hips? Well, how do I know? I'm so if I'm looking as hips, how do I know when I've beaten him? Okay, if Reese turns like that so ideally if I want to bring him that way he turns his hips there and then I know I can come back on his weak shoulder here. Okay. So we've got a slow our feet down a little bit and focus on that drive laterally. Yep, good red one soft 100 could step good stepped. I wanted to develop a little bit more confidence in their own ability on beating players one-on-one and and responsibilities with the ball. He saw the warm-up games basic and board or even passing forwards and backwards just developing the concepts of space and when and where not to pass and and footwork is really important. We didn't get too technical on the on side steps or change of pace or or concepts of accelerating out of half tackles, but we just wanted them to just use the natural skills and feel confident with their natural skills.