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Follow your dreams - John Neal

Psychologist John Neal discusses futurism and the argument for coaches to 'dream big'.

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Second world-class basic is the way in which you as a coach. Think about the future. Most coaches think about the future below the line goals objectives plans and that's fine. Nothing wrong with that. But I'd like to think in a slightly different way. I want you to think about how all great ideas start. I will great businesses start. How will great rugby team start. I will great successes begin. They start with someone who is mad and sometimes stupid enough to dream to go above the line to think as no one else has thought and often when you think in that way it's motivational and inspirational it's also tough because some people will tell you you're mad. It will never happen. But unless you start off with the dream with the imagination on the inspiration, you will never have the power to hit the goals and the objectives on a cold wet Tuesday night when no one else wants to go out but you do because you've got a dream and the you have some way or you want to go as a coach and you want to take your players as a team. Go above the line then go below the line think about the future in a different way.