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Fringe Defence at the Breakdown

Building a defensive system starts with the first three defenders and what they need to do at the breakdown. The Northampton saints coaches go through the steps and progressions to help younger players learn the key movements and techniques

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We just starts off that session making sure they got their guards and bodyguards in and here we call the ABC Defenders making sure that the A and B are facing the ruck. So any danger of pick and go short pops are sorted out and then the C defender is on first receiver. So putting pressure on him and then they can drift out to wherever the path of the ball goes.This morning's session is aimed at looking at our defensive alignment. Okay, particularly to begin with around the ruck.Ruck area and then what we're going to move on to from there is looking at a little bit of our drift defence. Okay. So this morning is is lower intensity. We're not going to be running around so much. Okay, but it's much more focus on communication talking to each other getting in the right position. Okay, after that we're going to move on to putting it into a 15 aside situation around the pitch. Okay to finish. We basically got our three key positions off the side of the ruck. So we're going to call them A B and C at different clubs, you might call them different things. But here we go and a b and c. You might've heard guard, bodyguard etc. So when we get to a ruck first people that we want to get in. Okay, we want to get an A in straight away. Okay. So if you're the first person to the Rock situation, you don't think you can get the ball. Okay. Don't think it's worth going into that ruck you're going to come in and you're going to get in the a position here. Okay. So we've got our A in excellent . Next person coming in is going to be our B is going to filter in and then eventually we're going to get our sea so we should be in these positions here. Okay, so a b and c. So what we're going to have to start with groups of 3 here you're going to come out into this group and you're going to be attacked by three people. We have a scum half. We're going to fly off and we're going to have just one Runner. Okay, it's just touch. Okay, you want you to come out get into your position talk and then defend against the attack. Ready? Yep. Good boy. Yeah. Okay, last one last one. Good work. Good work. Okay, what's your role? Okay. So so forsee any pick and go okay nine sniping anything like that and anyone who comes into that channel? Okay, how am I somebody come into that channel? How much we push somebody inside Channel as an attacking team? Okay. So if I come out here, maybe an inside ball somebody like that coming in. Okay. So there you are man, so as Abby, what's your job the first runner the tend to agree with that should be Beyond 10. first receiver seize our first receiver man. Okay. Okay. So sees our first receiver man should be on the inside of the first receiver. Okay, always on the inside his job obviously is to stick with the first receiver bees job. Okay, we've got a couple of roles for be anything inside the first receiver on a tight line. So if I'm in be here and we come up with ten puts the ball back inside. We've got both of us here to plug that Gap. Okay, both of us the other thing if the nine picks and shoots as they do these days, okay, if he gets past all right, then I step in here and take this guy. Okay, we might have seen the move some people call it a greeghan where the nine goes and flicks back inside. Okay, that guy's got that man. Okay. So as a be I mean here, okay. I'm in tight to the Rock. I've got anything inside of the there is the first receiver. So if the ball goes to the first receiver we come up. Okay, and then I've got anything in here. But secondly tricks obviously not quick enough, but if the nine does snipe, okay, there's got to be a point. I forgot your name Devante Devante says he's not mine anymore. Cuz I've got inside and I come up here and he's my man. Okay, so doing where we get back into it now. All right, let's really talk about who you've got. Yep flash. Yeah, good work. Good work. Next group let's go. Let's go. Let's work out. Let's work out. Yes flush. Good good. Yep, flush good work last thing before we move on to a bit wider these two guys. Where's their initial movements going to go? Okay, they're going to be coming up in here. Okay, this guy obviously initially as we all do wants to come up and then if the pass is clearly gone, then you can start to drift. Okay, but initially those guys should be coming up straight. Okay blocking anything. This guy's well real key that we keep an eye on this show. We've had a couple over here where we've managed to sneak through. Okay stay in there. It's better that you stay there longer and actually you're a little bit later on getting out into the game. Then you go early. All right, stay there ensure that nothing is coming through that Gap. Okay, what we're looking at here is having an a/b defender in make sure we got it in. See Defender should be opposite first receiver here. Okay, push on to B. Then we should have a a sin. There's no cboc defender on this side. Boys really short on this right side. You've got to react pushing. Okay, A B and C are in outside little bit all over the place. We started off. We broke it down into the real specific areas. And then we just tried to get him in a grain game situation. So we had a full 15 line of defense and making sure that obviously with the the balls and The Cone spread out in different areas. They have to work hard to get there and also identify the first people in Array Defenders second day and the third is on first receiver adjusting the game situation.