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Games for coaching Contact

The coaches use a variety of conditions for both the attackers and defenders to reinforce the coaching points. Small sided games enable players to learn in a live environment similar to actual match conditions

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The main reason for using games is that you can kind of you can't get through a lot more work. All right. So Josh is in the middle of the Box. All right, we've got the other three people in the Box, please. So and you come locker room. You stay out chickie for the minutes go that side over there little chick right? Although got to do Josh. He's got to move around the square. Yeah, and he's got to knock you guys out. All right, so a little bit of footwork from you you can't hold on and we'll push him. He's just going to knock you out. You only allow to use your shoulders, right? So you got to have your hands behind your back. All right coaching points what we're looking at here Josh don't plant your feet stay on your toes. Keep moving forward. All right, and that's really essential that your feet nice and close to your target. All right. Let's have a go here. Great body position that byali so sinking his hips rather than hinging and it's got them both out. Straightaway. Excellent. Well done no-handed touch. So we're going to go back to what we were originally doing but in a game version, so if all he's got the ball, okay, he's walking. All right, and then I've got to get my feet closer now going to make a good picture. Okay, if I get a good touch on him like that. Okay, he goes to the floor presents next guy comes in. All right, and then we're just getting the ball away down present get away Josh. You gotta talk to people. Who've you got heads up? Whoo chuckling good good chuckle to Montauk. Oh, right. So these guys have you Patrol the left and say the pitch gave you control the right hand side the pitch if you can either go into the contact or stay out of the contact. All right. So chickies good tee the ball in he gets tackled off Josh Josh goes to the floor pad goes in up. You got Josh clears out and you go And then you feed it good boy exactly right in there. Feed them stew. That's it. Let's go play chocolate. chocolate Axle well done. Well done. Now. I'm looking for chicky to come in if chick is there. All right. I'm going to clear cheeky out. The next guy comes in picks the ball up who's owns my team Josh you pick it up and then you would feed the guys that have just attacked and then we get back in the defensive line. If no one comes into this. All right, I would bounce. So you get on my feet and then I would feed the ball to the next guy. Let's go. Get down on the floor and up. The main reason for games is to try and bring in a whole number of skills into it. So they're not just working on one thing actually working on a lot of different things because that's what would be is apart from a few key areas. Where is isolated such as a line out through or a kick a goal and pretty much everything else is ended in a dependent on other things and there's a decision-making element and games bring out a decision making