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Home training - Skills on your own

Some simple skills to work on at home on your own. You can set yourself targets and make the exercise easier or more difficult

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That's been passing. Okay, not too much hype just a couple of feet, but see how many Revolutions of the ball you think you can do. Excellent. Here's an exercise that you can do at home on the floor on the couch practicing your spin passing a bit of fun. You can actually do this from over your head like a hooker would throw the ball in Angus from your head. Throw it up and catch it. Marriott, it's a skill. He's going to throw it up and catch it. See how accurate you can be. See how high you can get. That's accuracy. This is a really good skill to use for your accuracy individual at home. So The Challenge on this exercise is to bounce the ball on its end back up. It's just a hand eye coordination exercise off you go Angus now do it in a circle. Turn around a circle and keep doing it. So this exercise you just need a wall and a ball in yourself. It's about hand-eye coordination. And if you can you can actually hit the rugby ball at the right angle against the wall so that it comes back down in its progression on this Angus turn and face me. Now hit the wall and catch the ball. So what's this about when you pass it to the wall, you got to get the angle at the ball hits the wall. This is a real challenge bit closer. Oh well done. Now to start this this would be a lot easier if it was done with the football or a net ball around or would be very good for something like this.