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L2 - Kicking Development

Skill Practice Description • The teams start with kicking netball i.e. the kicker cannot run and cannot be interfered with. • The player with the ball kicks to work the ball up field and a clean catch behind the goal line is 1 point • Other ways to score are by a drop goal awarding 3 points. • If a breakdown occurs the coach can award a free kick. • The ball carrier can choose to kick to a team mate or try for a target. • The targets can only be aimed at when the targets are in the other half of the pitch. • If the target is missed, possession goes to the other team. • Progression; the kickers must be ‘running’ when kicking the ball. • They must kick within 5 - 8 metres of running. They cannot just keep running with ball in hand. • Players can chip and catch for themselves. • This gives more opportunity for free kicks to be awarded through breakdown in play. • Allow players to discover personal techniques of kicking with both right and left foot. Punt, • Grubber etc. • Discourage throwing the ball up and develop the drop. • Identify those with consistently low outcome percentages and address the relevant technical factors

Video Subtitles

Okay. Okay. We're just going to play kicking game here. And the purpose of the kicking game is for you obviously to be able to execute the kick correctly and the kicks that were going to use are the grubber. Kick. Okay. Everybody is okay with how to execute a grubber. Kick. Yeah. Ok. Good. We've done that Ricardo. Yeah good. Okay. The rules are very simple that you don't you are not allowed to prevent a person from kicking the ball and you don't run with it. You can kick it in any direction you want and the way of scoring is to get the ball to a teammate over the touch line at either end and then you just play straight back the other way. All right. What do you think the real emphasis on this game is? Especially special awareness young again, okay. Good. Good-o play only went backwards away have that. One Nail play play clown clubs you going that way tiziano? Right come back in there guys, please. Okay, you know have to do two forwards and then one pass backwards. All right, so you can't have three consecutive forward kicks. In fact play. good nudge Next is go play on. Sorry, okay.