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London Irish - Using Round Balls

Adding variety into your sessions keeps players interested as they learn new skills or try to improve key techniques but in a different way. Patrick O'Grady from London Irish explain why he uses different sized balls

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With the handling the boys find it a lot easier, especially the forwards who maybe aren't quite as skillful and and for us it just gets them forgetting about the ball and how how to spin pass etcetera in the different types of passes and it gets them just moving the ball far easier. So especially when we're bringing in that sort of second wave runner in behind when they ate forget about having to catch it how into spin pass then they can focus on the the other part of the game. We're trying to develop and it just makes the transfer the transfer of the ball far far easier. So we always mix up between the two really just to allow for the easier handling and the focus on what we're trying to work on and then also it's so easy to offload and try various passes over the top and in behind you would have seen a few of our props today try and some magical offloads which with a rug but I don't think they're done. So is this great we always mix that in and out of the sessions for the moment. We won't have a clear at the breakdown just two pancakes in the fence that will hopefully up the tempo but the nines not there quick enough turnover play. the boss great chapter Drayson So sure Tempo Tempo turn over 100 Bull presentation Play Good ball presentation. It's a foundation of your attack any sloppy things like that. We just want to get the boys and good habit. So we always reward players are doing good things and we also turn the ball over when they're not quite up to scratch or high expectations. Let's make sure we snap the feet round. Mr. Landon. So I know and over and it's at now tackle their tackle their race. No one over and it's at now. Good luck. Great. Thanks Charlie outstanding work. Your feet tackle their quick ball Tempo Tempo Tempo Tempo good lad when you're in at nine, the key is just to sweep it away as quick as possible. Okay, so I actually approached us when you look around not when you're over the ball. All right. Good luck. Goodbye, Junior. Lovely hands. Well played sold good support. Hey, boys. It's the best show I've seen today. Well, we think every player will be able to get more touches in a more realistic situation. We still think there's a place for drills and that sort of repetition but getting in a game situation makes it so much more realistic. So would like to do everything in the game have a skills break out and get them in the in the game against Challenge and with that that's cool. Just been working on.