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Neil de Kock - Best ways to Learn

Saracens and South Africa scrum-half Neil de Kock discusses the methods he used to develop as a young player.

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I think for me it's trying to pick up aspects not a one particular player but watching a lot of rugby. I think watching as much work as possible really helps it is a game until you if you if it's a local game down the club then you'll go out there make the effort to to put the Telly on it and to watch the guys who know what they're doing and you try and pick up unique aspect from each individual playing some players have certain strengths that others don't have and I suppose knowing what your strengths are suppose. It's the same thing in position below what your strengths are. He's key to becoming a bit of player and into bit of those strengths all those Circle weaknesses that that you have that we need bearing. I think that's that's what makes you know what it's doing those extras before or after training during the week finding a ball finding a mate and going down to a pitch in kicking with your opposite foot tall passing off your opposite hand and do little and often not doing it every day five hours a day. You don't possibly have that kind of time but just doing a little bit of skill every so often that a huge difference