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New Rules of Play - U9s

When viewed as a training session the New Rules Of Play are very straight forward and this clip should explain most of the changes and what you should be doing as a coach

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So and then in the nines, obviously the big things The Tackle we're looking to promote now is getting everyone involved in tackling. So we're looking to promote a grab tackle, which is a grab from armpit down with this. The rest of the game coach will shout tackle one two three within this period they can actually offload the ball, which is a new skill that they will learn and you can actually develop within a technical area or within the game. They can choose to go at the floor and present which is another valuable skill which will take on in under 10 and 11. So it's another opportunity for you to coach and actually off load off the floor. So it's a lot of skills. Let's promote and continuity and getting away from rugby league. So what we're going to look at today is it's kinda is contact a little bit of tackling and a little bit of a grab tackles. And also we will grab cycle is okay. So no ideas So within your age group now one of the rules is if I grab what's your name Ingrid if I grabbing would stop and the The armpit for three seconds that counts as a tackle. For now, we're just going to the grab Taco. So when we get into this game, it's going to be a normal game. All you've got to do is grab them for 3 seconds. I'll shout tackle one, two, three within that time. You can choose to pass the ball or you can go to the floor right? We can have a free pass again from the yellows Reds. You ready? Okay, three two one plate. We're backwards plant. What? Taco 1/2 great offload a good choice great pass Taco one, that's fine. Brilliant good pocket upload Taco one to Great offload Taco one plan Taco one to Taco. Taco one. Well, it's gone fine Taco one say to Great foots that nice good footwork. Keep going Taco one. Great support Taco Taco one great support tackle one, go go Taco one flare on. Try that. Okay coming in quickly kind of the ball, right? So what are we doing? We're getting tackled offload and fantastic. What's an offload? Brilliant? Okay, so if he's using offload, what does his team have to do? Why? Okay fantastic if he looks at supporting he's got what? Okay, so that's one thing but if he's got support what you got Okay, so we've got options different options, he's looking at past but as support Runners what you have to do where you have to be behind the ball where else sideways okay fantastic but do you want to be what's your name Toby if I'm with Toby and I'm a support do I want to be all the way over here to be on the ball was on to be nice and close? Why what a time? Yeah because an easier path, so what's your name when he was doing these little runs all the way through the snake and runs watching them? Yeah. Sammy was right on his shoulder was an easier path or not. Brilliant. Okay. So that's what we want to see with support. Okay tackle wise. What are we doing? We're going to tackled grabbing. Okay below. Okay, so that will keep doing that. I'm going to stop again when we get when I feel the Something's Happened. Okay, it's gonna be yellow ball con yellows. What are we talking about with support? That close fantastic. Okay play from that go. Taco one great off low good step Taco one fine going to tackle one two. Taco 1/2 Taco one Good passing grade Taco. Keep going all the way all the way Taco 100 play on possible. Taco Taco 1-2 gray offload good step tackling. Try one to score it. Try that. Well done. Okay. Let's go in for a second. What's your name Henry? What did Henry do when you got tackle there? What did you do before that? Do you know what you doing Henry? Well, you kept on going on. So using his leg Drive. Is that good or bad? Why is it good? You can get more yards and well, how do you score and rugby but I try where's the try line? Yeah, exactly. It's forward. So you keep driving you getting close to try line. So when we get tackle now on you see this leg Drive the head when you said fantastically and really power so when you getting grabbed on you see you really took pump your legs the good thing about the nines and this new approach is it's all based on one skill and that's the tackle. So it gives the coach nine months to coach one skill as opposed to coaching. Seven new skills in the scrum line out and everything like this having to squeeze in for six weeks, right? We have to learn all of this and then having your games and actually struggling to fit it all in this tackle offers the opportunity just to learn one thing and really focus in a good thing about it as well is the fact that some of these coaches aren't professionals their mums and dads who have come along and they may not know the game. They may have never played. So this tackle gives them the opportunity to learn at first get confident learn that one skill and then next year they learn another skill and actually give it on to the kids. So the actual learning of one skill makes easier for the child and the coaches alike. Yeah, I mean obviously it's important that we don't lose youngsters from the game at age nine because clearly a lot of them are frightened of the content. They might not say they are but they are you can see today and I think the two-stage approach perhaps would give us opportunity to keep more players in so in the game and not lose so many so perhaps the tack at the Grab tackle is a better way to go when it goes from a game that you just played there. I'm going to going to look at something that's going to be really important and undermines. Okay, because it's the only new skill or big skill that's going to really change within your age group. Okay, the way I remember it guys is see it hit squeeze it and drive it. Okay, fantastic tackle everyone have a go at tackling. So just richer just go around just have a little look right so that tackle there what was wrong with it, which I was ahead. Which does it need to be? Butt cheek to face sheet. Okay, so that's what you're aiming for this side. Okay. So do it again brilliant? Okay. We're really trying to get as low as we can. Okay, so I want you to really aim down. Look I know he's a bit shorter than you but really try and give it a go also when we get tackled, what do you land on to the person getting tackled? That's okay. Yes. We look into your parachute fall anyone seen parachuting before. Yeah, so when they fall out you think they just fall like this. Why fantastic Samuel is kind of the best answers. Okay, so it can't hurt your hands. So what I want to see when you get tackled you go down and using your whole body. If you use that cushion that cushion that cushion it's a lot nicer than just putting your wrist straight down, right the Only Rule is there now you can use both kinds of tackles. You can use your grab tackle, which we did or you can actually choose to tackle. It's up to you guys. Three, two one. Hey Taco, 1/2 good offload taco. Samuel go inside great pick up Taco one to could offload. Brilliant Taco one to great circle. Go cheek to cheek Taco one to keep going 3 place the ball fine Taco one. Can you get away Taco one to another great cycle? Fantastic. Trace that wasn't support. Can he score it Taco one. Try that brilliant. Okay. Where is he? What's your name there? What's he just done? Yeah, it's in the first two titles really well as well you did exactly what I told him to he saw what he's going to tackle used to shoulder and he squeezed really hard. So Brig big praise the married the first two tackles fantastic. What do you like tackling cackling cackling? Well, they're all loves going tries that and I think they've just moved moving into contact this year. So that's the big topic of conversation at what you have a lot of enthusiasm not much talent. You can get hurt right for me. That's I think we should concentrate on that as a club has lots of technical coaching. Now this new system actually takes that and runs with it. So it uses one skill at a time tries to perfect that skill and then moves on to the next I think with the new rules of Play It promotes good basic rugby and moves it on as opposed to Who just shoving everything on their plate and making them Just Go With It?