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New Scrum Laws - Hooking Technique

Jon Curry at Northampton Saints discusses the new scrum laws and their implications for hookers, along with some exercises to get them up to scratch. Log in to see the full session and many others.

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Moving towards the ball actually be put straight in the scrimmage, which means that we're going to f****** for the ball right Crouch old find set. Hold it steady now. Yes, nine holding. That's good enough. Okay. Hold it there. Hold it there. Why do you think the change the laws Brent collapses? and prevent injuries Now there's going to be a couple of things that you're going to notice about this you can think what's going to be the first the first change the big change. Less impact that's where it's going to be less impact but there's good news man. Hook is going to have to strike for the ball because the ball has to go down the middle of the channel. So we're going to do a little bit of work with the hookers. And then we're just going to build the scrimmage up and down in the comments position there. Okay it down. Okay it keep your hips square and straight bring this foot back when this foot back. Okay now The hooking action is that siding actions your foot go to come round. All right, that's it. And it's going to hit my hand here. Okay, that's it. So I'm going to touch your hand touch on your elbow. Then I'm going to put my hand down. You've got to kick my hand. Okay, that's it. That's okay. We're going to be quicker. That's the general action. Okay, you got an idea. Yeah.