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Passing Progressions with defenders

Use progressions to change the pressure points so that players are taken "Out of their comfort zone" and experience more match related situations. Rugby is about creating a 2 v 1 opportunity so fixing defenders is one of the most important skills to learn

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Attackers can go any given time. It's emergencies a bit of chaos. So this is we call this the sort of chaos grid. So you got Defenders coming from everywhere attackers coming from everywhere. nice line good hands. Nice. Tummy ball away. Okay, excellent. Okay, I'll do that. We're going to look at some just building some simple exercises in distribution targets up run straight. behind fix the first man Okay, how do they second defender in so first two men first man second, man. Okay, let's go. That's better. Nice good. Okay, that's good. Okay, we've run 90 seconds of that will go straight over to another game for two or three minutes 20 seconds. Let's go. So this is about ensuring that the players come around the corner and then straighten up come around the corner straighten up keep the guys moving at all times the first the first ball carrier can decide which Angle he attacks on he can attack. Different ways and man gets the ball. This exercise puts into a bit more live as a in match situations as you come around the corner so you can run the corner. You'll need to straighten up rather than drift. Attack the inside shoulders good example really good example. Okay, how do that? How do that same thing? Let's go. Straight up bull away. So greedy, come on. That's nice. Okay, really really good really good example will get a second defender in now. Okay second defender in you're taking first and second. You've got to work quite hard. Okay, ready go. good example nice line Good example just just a point there on using bibs personally from a coaching perspective. I prefer a bigger contrast between colors. So if anyone's purchasing bibs for the next season try and get really bright horrible nasty colors. One thing no one wants to steal a bib if they're Brighton nasty and the other thing it makes it really easier to identify people when you're coaching. Okay. Can you do it down and up on the bag and up? Each time you make a defense you got to do down and out before you can defend again. So I'm just adding in a bit more reality. Okay off we go same thing same thing. Good luck guys. That's what happens in the game. People aren't sure really grab recovered guys tight hands. Good hands, I get around the corner quick ball get around to do last once too. And score it and score it. Nice become off the other hand come the other way come off the other hand. Early bunch of communication. It's setup of come here. It's taken me 10 15 minutes to set this up what you see behind me is I've got a pitch. This is we're going to come into our games and then we've got some stations here where we'll do some handling. Some people may have heard of what's called whole part whole approach or coal pothole coaching and the whole pot hole is the whole is the game. So you start with the game only for three or four minutes. You come straight out of the game back into a drill or an exercise, which is where you do the part in the skills skills for three or four minutes back into a game for 3 or 4 minutes back into skills for three or four minutes and you can continue that through the whole session. It makes it short and sharp the coach make sure he uses progressions. So there's some progressions into the skills and there's then progressions into the game for the guys will learn that's the simple approach of whole part hole.