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Paul Gustard - Stay Positive All Of The Time

See what Paul Gustard has to say about creating the best environment for player development and performance

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I would say the biggest thing is is to be positive. No player goes out there to make mistakes. Nobody goes out of there to make a person passes the floor. Nobody goes out there to list a cannot because of that slice of cake is nobody goes out there to throw a bone loss during the lineup mistakes happen you made mistakes as coaches people make mistakes and all walks of life player a rub it by In the Heat of battle is going to make mistakes. So be it doesn't matter next job mentality. We get on top of people and B- up a chair perpetuate will manifest itself. If you have a negative energy around the group be positive relentlessly all the time. Able to work hard with tents the guy's give it their all we all seek it very well off that foot saracens on and off the pitch. The trade-off is you get all the nice things off the pitch and always do things on the pitch and on the pitches and just a Saturday is the Monday to Tuesday to Thursday to Friday when they hear trying hard and when they go away before the field don't think about rugby when they come back the fresh for