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Quins - Beating a Drift Defence

Some warm up exercises with varied catch & pass skills in preparation to move onto fixing defenders and how to beat a drift defence

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Okay sessions a chaps beating a Drifter fence looking at the quality of our past. We got a we got space out. Why can we execute decent passes accurate passes to get outside of a Drifter fence into that will be involved in the game of touch will be broken that down working on a couple of different drills again, we'll just work in their past accuracy length of pass. Okay, boys. I'll just talk about the pitch to start with we go touch line to the 15 there to the 10 to the 22. So in this square that we're in now, okay, just a bit of rubbing it ball 20 passes. Okay, single hand catches only single hand passes the team can't slap the ball down. They can look to intercept if they intercepted knocked it. Knock it on then they keep that ball one. So very can't remember the ball for sure. Remember around your plane to the 10 5 can't run with the ball six good try not to use the body 7. He's a'ight. There's none. Control it knife. Good lad knife 10 stay in the pitch. Okay, I'm going to say two things put yourselves on a pressure possible to me honey. I'll try not to get any of this. So when you're passing your using your chest, the whole idea of using the hand is that you're catching the ball with your hand. Okay. So we're testing out grip work. The other thing for me boys is which this ball should be just pinging between us. We should already know where we're going to pass the ball before you've caught it which means scanning looking obviously the ball from here bang. I know that denzil's free over there or with three over here with Victor. Okay new ball black ball here. We are books at the take you tennis ball both still single hand yet. Stay in the pitch. Okay, that's two. That's three. Good take 500. Here we go blacks. Let's go play. Okay this time nothing above head height. Nothing above head height one to get into space. Nothing a bed bug head height dense. over there red ball turnover red ball K12 Three two hands, you can use two hands. Now you can use two hands turn over their plug ball. You can use two hands now. There's two three four five six seven. There's a 9/10 good 1112 lovely Lori giving some spice. Give us some spice 30 good pickup 14. Can we get to 20 head height red ball going moving stuff and move is set on two guys on one do no. No, you can't pass above head high. Okay play pool last play play ball. Getting to space corporate Tom. You're free as a bird some move it good. Move it low. Move it who's on move it Tom good move it. Space over here boys Tom it's always filling out to the rights. We're going to bring it out running the ball straight pulling that ball backwards joining this group here Sam joining this group here after you've been to stay there good you might need to refill in on the holes filling on the cones. If there's nobody there pull it back no for passes now pull it back. That was a full pass knife. Pull it back good come on to it knife. Pull it back down to that was a four-part stenzel no more floor passes. Pull it back. Pull it back time you run. I'm a good somebody else there. Good good. Okay, that's fine press-ups Denzil for pass go to pull it back. Pull it back. What about Den secure better? Nicer be okay. As I said at the beginning of session was we're going to be working on the beat in the drift offense today conditions of the game of touch once a touch has been made all the defense have to come in and be touching each other. Okay can be touching at arm's distance like this, but they've all got to be in touch and each other the attack can play at any time the attack can wait until all of the fenders are in and then they can play or if they think an opportunity is on to go quickly from a get you the ball the gadget in from the man that's touched then they can play straightaway defense have always got to work in you got six touches okay to school. Let's go within six catches ball gets turned over if they play know you can defend from there if they play quickly then you just defend but they're only going to play quickly if they think they're going to school and there's a chance otherwise, they might they will use the conditions and their wait for the defense to come in got to be going to be a two-handed touch or you carry on going You want to tend to do okay, really? Let's play Denzil back yourself them to be true to the five. We're playing all the way to the 5. Okay, touch their defense in you go the fencing you go on the trip might go knife go. Nice. Go now go now. Finish it, Tom. Okay, turn over there red ball you're out with plain to the 15. Okay, let's go. 7pi said we go deep into the 15 some touch their defense in you come in you come. Okay, they've gone play. Go to work because I keep walking Victor keep pushing. Touch their defense in you come. Okay, go the feds. Are you go Tim go Tom push, Tom. Sure, they okay touch. There's two touches three touches. Score it. What would we need to do is to the defense to all the man to stop him from stopping from drifting. So this we can run at the man we can stop him from direct drifting and then a good quality Pastor somebody that's running hard outside space where we deserved anything else in many ways. It's really good points race. Okay, we should be scoring from every attack. That's the pressure got to put in the 70s. You should be I think the first thing boys would be prettier their percentage of schooling. He will be pretty good. So, you know, you've got to improve our past. We're going to break this down in a minute. I'm going to work on that but that's when we go back to this and really concentrate on accuracy passing running straight not drifting touch there. Good finish it finish it.