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Quins- Tackling Warm Up Game

A fun game to get players ready both mentally and physically for contact and tackling. Applies to most age groups

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Good good, I gotta look and talk. Good, your reactions are brother ball will go green. We got green eyes up. Just going to look at some of our defense of rocks and in particular areas spacing in particular our line speed how we get up. So a spacing part how we look to space ourselves equally and make sure we're not too tight too wide a line speeds are getting up and putting pressure on and the rules and regs around that so, you know about protecting people's inside shoulders and also making sure the when I balls in play we're watching the ball carefully and making sure that that's the danger so the but the opposition Council without the ball. So as long as we look after Unstoppable, we were right we've so the Rockies there. We'll make sure we go one go on the Blind and we got six guys on the open side thinking about so I'm not going to talk loads at the start about spacing about thinking about watching the ball and all those feelings. Those are things we worked on last week. We just get them in play. We'll do a set of five or six. I will do one get yourself bag get yourself on the line. How would organize some attack that's the back foot The Rock, so we're up to here. So that's your back foot. So make sure you're not offside, but that's our starting point. So we got our guard we got our nine make sure just in case Tom nickel decides to go for a run. We've got to make sure that's fine as well. Okay, we'll go. Let's bright perfect. Let's go west what we're doing. So back in position pigs. That's good. That's really good example. Brilliant example. Yeah, perfect. Good at a quite let's go ready when you are. Good. Nice. Yeah, it's too good. Really good good. It's Johnny back. Keep his swapping your positions. Don't all end up in the same position all the time. That's two we doing 601 for more. Nice good gauge good read night at the moment. Then nine doesn't run once we've talked about making sure we've got our guards in place. So making sure we've got a little bit of space there. So Silas is where I'll be just in here. So if Tom wants to come in here, there's no space and the same is where Sonny is and here he's in position think about those footwork we talked about so maybe if Tom's coming this way, I can actually get my outside foot up. So I'm looking because we talked about ball watching and I'm in here. This is the first job when the ball then moves we can react to it because we're watching the ball. Ready? Ready? Ready out. Good luck it a really good. Nice the moment. It's nice to have given you a nice line to work on and I've not put you under any pressure when we come back to it after we've done some other stuff with the guys. I might put you under a bit of pressure in you'll find it really hard to get in position and really hard to talk and that's when that took becomes absolutely crucial. Yeah, that's fine really good then go on their son is where you can double it in there. Yeah, it's good stuff. We're gonna put you under more pressure. So pitch is the same as that, we're going to work off the other side. So 10 meter line to try line defensive line exactly the same. So as you guard, I want one on The Blind Side, I will have six hours. We've got several Group of Seven all I'll do this time though is when we've done one. I'll let you do the first one when you're out on the line and then there's five cones behind is a blue yellow red. Beyond Eugene McCarthy, white and green over there. I'll just send you to one of those so you're all going to touch that and then get yourself back in position. So you clearly you're gonna have to work you're going to have to communicate and get yourself back. Once your then back in the line. I'll give you a little bit of time to get yourself organized but not much and I'll give whoever's at scrub off on their position. I'll give them a thumbs up to when they can play I won't let them go ridiculously when you're 30 yards away clearly, but what I won't allow you to do is dawdle yourself into position. So all the things we've talked about spacing communication then getting our line speed are going to be harder because you can have less time to think about it. It's good gonna need some help with games. Is that hold? Play good guitar us we have to do. Good, like it will come back to Yellow. Got to go to to go good. Gotta keep working at Jake. We need you in this line. Gotta get everyone in there. Keep coming. We love that bow good last one than white code Waco and then we go and get them. Eyes up then who's in position? Why the ticket oak get out then? Also think about game situation you get yourself in nice shape. Trust me. You guys look really good the really good. You look really good in the first row and you look good there when you get on the line in position, and actually that's why some of the mistakes are when you're not because someone might not have worked as hard to that cone and then not as hard to that line. That's when it gets hard because what I find myself is me and sunniest place like that, which obviously we don't want because actually we've not quite got that and so that's the bit that's the bit that I can't do that working hard to get in position. Great. What both sides really good to make sure we get there and get ourselves back. We're going to talk again after chat. What's our speed? Oh, that's fine. Good good fix. We'll go whites here. Go to to go to to go keep working. This is where it gets hard. Good girl cells in position. Make sure we're space nicely. Keep pushing keep pushing good. He's got you just about lovely feet games will go red. Last one. Really? Good. Good. Attack. Good defense. Good. Are we in position for this last one? Good good quick Short Round then swap it around. So seven new guys, make sure anyone who's not being will leave the scrummasters it is but then you haven't been when we have a couple of go again.