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Scrum - New Drills & Progressions

Set piece coach George skivington from London Irish talks through some new tips to coach the scrum

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What we're going to do here we're going to work that drill hats did with us early on so we got the four colors will start 3v3. I'll just shout a color. We just shuffle a couple of steps that way backwards forwards left and right very simple. Okay, but make sure we're working our angles. We're getting in proper positions. We're not just going through the motions will build it up. So we'll start with the front row and then we'll bring the back we'll just bring the locks in after so obviously if you try and throw it together straight away and the boys aren't warm and probably more importantly an switched on mentally. You're probably waste your session with collapses pre engage all the stuff that Welcome to the session basically, so the objective of what we did here was we get them together. We get the moving around make it a bit uncomfortable for them. Just get their bodies thinking how am I going to stay stable? And then we build up to the engage. So just as you would in a game with the Cadence, they fire through settle pull them away do that again. And then as I say basically it's block block and then you get to some live stuff at the end. That's yellow. That's green. Yeah, you can do that if you want to go yellow. red Green What good stuff finish filled out to a five boys? Let's get all grips here. I'll process Grinch is just that bit at the beginning where everyone tightens up and tries to become one unit gets a nice positions yellow. People great people grapes green keep our grips boys red stay in a good position pelf white fight to get in a good position. Crouch groups British band Sir, good snap, right coach and G stay there to just stay in there, mate. Well done good fight. So boys are thinking about their feet. They're thinking about firing four words, you know, particularly the backfires they're thinking about firing that front row in and quite often. The grips is part of the scrum has forgotten so we just put a bit of emphasis on that the last few weeks. Okay. So what you're saying is if everything's tight and inline sort of thing, then you're going to have a stronger platform is yeah. Exactly exactly. It's like it's like anything if there's a crack anywhere in the scrum. You got a good strong against you heavy with a bit of pressure. They'll find that crap.