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Sevens - Turnovers and move the ball 2

A turnover from a strong tackle and quick "Jackle" where the defender uses the momentum of the attacking player to swimg up onto his feet and contest the ball, this results in a line break. Key factors : Tackle technique - Urgency to get up to feet - Core strength - Speed

Video Subtitles

Pressure here on the on the rack big tackle by Mac. That was on Hamish Angus on the way is Mac. Well, he's a little sniper. I was saying earlier. He just pops up all over the place. Very good secondary turn over there from Canada Australia done well to isolate the play and give position really was a good tackle here history speed immediately gets in the position. The strong position electron just does not stop legs. Puppy Right Stuff great individual score from Phillip. Absolutely brilliant. Wasn't it in all the classic skills. They're in a sequence The Tackle then this part but that there he stays on his feet perfectly good and beautifully done then drives with the power of the small man out of the tackle. Then looks around sees the options is always weighing up the options and he's away.