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The Importance of Basic Breakdown Skills

Continuously we see that the best teams are those that perform the basic skills better than their opponents. Basic skills such as passing, catching, running, tackling, and rucking. The breakdown is an essential element to the game as teams look to control momentum. Mastering the basic rucking and clearing techniques gives many teams the edge, and the quick ball that is required to enable their attack.

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It comes down to it running hard, tackling hard, clearing hard, you know all technical areas of the game where you can get a massive Edge if your Basics, you know, if your Basics are good, everybody looks at the All Blacks I suppose as the you know, the sort of this and that side in Rugby Union at the moment if you watch them for me something that always stands out with them is is how well they execute basics; catch and pass defending cleaning rucks. They set piece very basic but unbelievably effective those simple things done really well consistently is very hard to do a lot of people think that you know, they're trying to over complicate things. But if you can get the basics done well and get it get your players to do it consistently, you're going to be a very successful site and it's as I said at the beginning it's very very difficult to do and that's what differentiates good teams two. Great teams. I believe you for me. The game is dictated by ball speed if you can generate fastball for yourselves and really start Opposition ball speed obviously, the quality of pliers of international level means you get you know, two three maybe opportunities in the game which the game turns on and those are dictated for me massively by the speed of the ball. I think a breakdown at the key to the game. If you win the Collision you when the contact you get on the front foot you get from football if you can loosen the ball up and get quick ball. You want to be dangerous on the flip side, if you can sell the opposition down and you can realign your defense you can become more dangerous in defense and you can get that line. You can get your line speed and you can win those collisions. So to me the area the game revolves around winning that breakdown. Okay, why we done that okay. Exactly. So the reason why this is for is because the gate smaller. Okay. So if Park is trying to get the ball, okay, but the time has come to get the ball. Do you reckon that Vulcan Eva be away or we can come and clear out a lot quicker. To presentation just said okay ready? Got him. Good lady. Clear. Perfect. Good technique. All right. What do we notice about is clear? Nice and low take one now. Take him on okay make a tackle going up to your feet and your feet and your feet get around go around go around. Okay, good. Okay. Now if you were going to clear them out, where would you have picked a clear them out? Okay, you depict a coma probably when he got to his feet and he was running around like that. Okay to get onto the ball. Okay, stay on your hands. Okay. Use your hands as a pivot get around you already there. Okay, because as soon as you come up, you're a big Target to clear out. Yeah good for you right now on your feet on your feet and feet and clear them out.