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Three Channel Passing Challenge

Adding pressure to key skills is crucial to improve your players and to practise like you play. This exercise covers a variety of skills but essentially is about accurate passing and fixing defenders

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Well, this exercise is really good at is challenging the players to fix Defenders. And then the supporting players have to communicate early if the supporting players don't communicate early. They're going to get in all sorts of trouble. Okay? So what are the key things we need to be doing when were attacking these Defenders fixing them? Okay, so you only got three and a half meters in the first grid so let's make sure we've got to move the Defenders you run down the middle of grid what's going to happen. Okay, what's the second mango to do go to talk go? It's 200 touch. Two hands down two hands each time, please Defenders two hands. So you have to hear through the microphone how much noise there is lose players. Free channels make them work. No, dummies, no dummies. One of the constraints I have is anyone takes a dummy. It's 40 press-ups because this exercise is for the attackers not so much the Defenders. Quality, this is actually pretty good in a torn one scenario. We've got a range of pliers or different skill levels, but actually it's pretty good. So what's it got 90 seconds to minutes. I'll actually move them onto three onto any feedback on how that went for two minutes. That's pretty good. That's that's the best start the exercise of ever seen. Okay, so they're really really good really pleasing for me as a coach fantastic. So I'm going to move this on pretty quickly now going to three on two. So one of the conditions on this exercise is if the Defenders put too much pressure on it can break down right ready manage the Deep manage the D. Larry manager to manage the DL please Steve manage the D as you can see from this exercise. It's much more challenging. We're gonna do this exercise at place. So you can actually see now conditioning wise some of the players are starting to struggle a little bit. It's quite tough, but that's what happens in a game. Just antipasti. What else what L pity you'll know in a game of rugby. We get 20 to 25 of those opportunities. I guarantee you and we take three we've got to take 15 18. We probably actually took quite a lot more on Saturday, especially that second half but fellas you have those opportunities and just passing early not fixing anybody running straight and not attacking the line those things make the massive difference.