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Timing the Pass

This exercise looks to develop the decision-making around the timing of a pass, and highlights running at pace and holding depth.

Video Subtitles

Hi green. I scored Christ go well done. Now when we were playing that game over there guys. There are a lot of us the didn't run onto the ball was to place as a result of Defense got across but I want you to concentrate now on just two things. The first thing is we all know is making sure our hands are up. And the parser when you've run at PACE at the defender keep running up pace. Don't just stop keep going forward. Give me one key thing the support player is going to be doing now. Give me one good. Let's do that. Yeah, if you're cool, you get an understanding how far away is how deep it's so good Cooling and support. Okay. Let's just watch this group. Do it. Now with Pace with Pace go. Got you got you got it. Okay catch good well done. Now obviously this thousands different points we could be picking up on here, but we just need to prioritize we just try and encourage them to start to play with a bit of paste. Once they've established that there got a hold that in that Defender just to get them working off the ball carrier picking the ball up. It doesn't always going to be to the last minute so they have to react and we would probably develop this into our support structure of the ball carrier terms of Versa Port either side and in behind the usual Diamond system. I just want to make them get lots of success in this practice because I haven't met before you're going to play all the way through to the try line there when I say play The Defenders race out and get to their marker and you're going to nominate which Market you're going to go from. Okay, and then you come forward as the player with the ball is coming towards you. So we're now putting the practice we've done it. We were working on here into a little decision-making exercise as you touch that wire line attackers. I'll call a cone. And that color all right that if your colors called you pick the ball up. Otherwise, you just support the ball carrier boys. You all have to go back to the red line. If you're to the white line, if you're attacking if you're defending if you're defending you just run through a wet red cone play Green. Say attack attack attack attack good right on that's great. Great score. Well done play White. I can see they're all very flat on each other score it okay load up. Yes. The reason why we're getting all to run to the white line, I'll repeat it because they're not all running to the white line. Judge Berg when we say play if your attacker I um got a bib on you got to run back to the white line you listen to the color code. Then you pick up now that will then make them say what hang on I'm going to pick the ball up so I don't need to keep running. I can keep my debts. But if you notice they all keep running and they're in one line great example there go forward go forward. Oh Jay. Hey throwing it away. Just keep it. Yeah, if there's no one to pass to he can't get it there. Think about it play read the forward. Oh, well done. Good afloat. Really nice offload. Excellent. We lost the boys. See if I've got what the key thing is on this practice. Why do you think we're doing this practice? Do you think what's the main thing that we're looking at here apart from obviously that the little practices that we've had here with the 2 and 1/2 to on twos and we're putting what we've got from there in here, but what other things you think we're really looking for. Sorry. Yeah, so we're making decisions now we because we're in a fractured attack and we've got different Defenders add it in different places. Now if you run to the Wireline and if your clothes not cut cool, but you keep running forward what's going to happen to your support line for that in terms of the players pick the ball up absolutely and it was like come down here guys. The last one no not lost when the one before everybody's running in a line. So when you came to the first offender here, if you didn't make that part early enough or that way everybody was over running. So where would have been the best piece of support you think? Maybe one drop behind excellent. So we'd want someone in here as well. So here come just come in for a second. Good luck brother. So if I pass that way, okay, but my player Jack Jake just if he overruns keep going then I've got someone to pass in the back. Okay, so we were one more where we want the ball carrier be supported and ideally either side and one in behind does everybody understand. You got to run back to the white line. Yeah. Hey, wait talk talk. Oh unlucky poor execution. Okay, I'll go on last what has to be lost 1/3. Are we ready to Finish Well Done. Hey Green Goddess. Only one line there. This is a little bit more debt. It's great. Okay week up, but I think it's a really good practice for developing attacking skills. Eels, but we can start to pick up on our defense as well.