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5-a-side Touch

To put the passing and support drills into practice, end with a game of 5 v 5 touch. Few players on each team will mean more time with the ball for each.

Video Subtitles

All right. Good luck. Everybody. Here we go play. Good pass Jack touch their greeting. Go back touchscreen team back. Oh my word touch them green tea back you go. Touch their Green Team go back play on joke. Hey notes just touched just touch possible possible touch them. No we need to try is green ball there stop Boss blue team back you go and sit play good run forward and pass. Okay on player--oh stop blue ball up. You get blue ball reaching back behind me blue ball play. That's good. Well done. Oh green ball touch there. Becky come here Green Dots it wilfred's ball blue team back on your line play. Wilfred plug pass the ball pass the ball always pass it along way possible pass the ball pass the ball. That's all right plot touch their possible possible. Oh stop green blue. They are blues and scored are okay. Come on in. Come on in.