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Breakdown - Accurate Rucking

This series of clips shows how conditioning and good technique are crucial to be effective at the breakdown. The progressions are simple and the key coaching points are Low to high body position Strong leg drive Accuracy on the target - The tackle bag

Video Subtitles

Winning breakdowns is one of the most important elements of Rugby Union making rocking technique and essential skill a strong body position and hitting low to high with accuracy is key to securing the ball a good exercise to get players used to this low body position is the Spider-Man Wolf the big for me. Okay. All you want to do is make sure everything's nice and low in control. My knees have to my armpits. Okay, this gives you nice mobility in the hips activates the fixes your glutes the whole TD food. You're growing. Okay, so go down. That's what do you want the opposite arm opposite leg. It's a practice rocking technique place to tackle bags perpendicular to each other in a t-shape. The rocking player comes in low to make strong contact on the back in return control his momentum to lift the bag up and over. With players working continuously. This is also a great game related conditioning drill. It is important for players to maintain technique as they become fatigued. You can regress to have two players working opposite each other at the same time. What do you want?