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Breakdown - Coaching Players To Make Decisions

The coach uses a combination of drills & games to deliver a session on making decisions at the breakdown. There are some technical points and observations on the coach using classic "Tell & Yell" instructions

Video Subtitles

So what we're looking at here is a decision making around breakdown. Nice. Noodle. Really good work up. You get next one next decision good. So if Dan's going to go for the ball for me to be able to clear him. Okay, do I need to be lower than here's so in I'm not sure if previous coaches are mentioned anything about the Battle of the shoulders pick up the money on the floor stroke the floor now that the reason for that is if your shoulders are lower than the defender shoulders you're in a good strong body position to clearing out the way. It's then technically a matter of what you're going to do to clear about the way to grab hold of him to drive leg drive thru we do it the bag first always back into handsome. Okay, so you're going to see if you want to come to the ball you clearing my Freddy go. Nice clear. Excellent. Go clear. Nice, Clear Lake Drive head up spine in line. Just like tackle just like scrum. Okay, always make sure our spine is in line ahead. Okay, we hit the shoulders head to one side never head straight through the middle just like tackle technique head to one side shoulders Drive. Let's go. Nice and again, okay, very good. Like a lot of these things as a coach. It's really important that you're only just do two or three with each player because technically once you've got the technical skill, right? You don't need to go over and over and over one of my point is there was that if we were just explaining here, we had a long line of about eight of them getting cold we can split into two or even three bags of another coach so that guys have got constantly doing this. Okay, we're ready. Let's go good go as soon as you as soon as he's finished you can go soon as the next one's finished you can go Good over the back noodle come right over the back. Come over the ball. Everyone understand what I mean over the ball. So here's the ball you come through if you come over the ball you're securing that if you come to the spec exam if you come to the side of the ball. Okay, the next Defender might be able to get in. Okay, especially from an officiating point of view an attacker for the team that's got the ball has cleared over the ball and someone comes in and steals. It will be a pick-up penalty. If you clear to the side the ref may not give that decision. Okay, right progression. The next progression here is that you make a decision quite early to either get on the ball. Can you head down or keep the bag if he's in on the ball, you have to saddle rolling. He's not on the ball with the back you clear him. Okay? Ready? Go right solder off. Nice. Noodle. Really good work up a get good. Nice. Okay. That's really good. His shoulders are right down. Okay. What's our option here? Okay, so there's two that's called the for the role is either called some people refer to as a crocodile roll. It's crocodiles role or a saddle roll. Okay, so in grab rolling off one side rolling off the other side or if you're coming in on the ball and your shoulders are still a bit High we can chop his arms here and still get underneath him and drive him up. Sometimes that's referred to as a duck and clean so duck and clean if your shoulders are lower than the defender shoulders you're in a good strong body position to clearing out the way the battle of the shoulders to the ball carrier goes to deck presents the ball you guys are over the ball. They got Saddle road. they got I get cleared. Okay, but it's touch. So once once once you've cleared one or several Rod one, you're playing to score become you following behind them as they go because once the Reds have scored they're going to turn around quickly and get ready off we go. I touch concrete's get them touching deck soon as someone's touched you you got to go straight to deck. Roll him off. Let's go touch. Go to deck go over the bowl green. Get over the ball. Get on that bull green deck saddle roll him. That's correct. Come on score. Nice score, right? Okay, yellows yellows. Now you're defending. Okay, let's go if a bag touches you going to clear him there the bag let's go. Come on. Let's go for it. Mix and match. Okay, that's good. All right, so she called the back into hands right? You're gonna have to work hard. Okay, let's go. Clear the bag clear the bag. Which way we going overlap score it score it and let's go through. Off we go greens. Don't wait. Don't wait go go go. Santa roll him I cannot score coaching Point here is that I'm the one from this in from the touchline, which majority of us do shouting instructions. Okay, what we need to try and Achieve is to get the lads to be able to make those decisions on their own and the coach to actually be quiet from the touchline. That's a coaching style Point. Okay. Let's go last 90 seconds. Really good examples that really good and a nice tummy great score 60 seconds to go. So shuts Adderall have rolled in off. Here's an opportunity. 30 seconds to go wait for the Defenders wait for the Defenders. Great showman, great two and one that's the whole idea of these games is to give these guys the opportunity to score.